Bluseound Node 2i

Hi all,

This is probably one of the most interesting digital components of last months.
Reviewed as network transport and also as network player results were magnificent.

I suggest take some time and read this review:


" Reviewed as network transport and also as network player"
One thing is for sure, we still are all struggling with these inconsistent terms ie...Transport...Player!??! I mean really, the Node 2 is a compact network audio Streamer, it does not play physical discs nor does it store music internally. It connects to your home network and streams music, great device!
Transport, connected to a external high level dac
Player, connected direct to the linestage preamplifier
thanks for your input.
The Node is awesome for sure, especially for the money.  I have the Vault 2i and it has literally changed the way I listen to music.  I bought it for it's ripping / storage feature but I use it for Tidal the most.   Bluesound is always improving the user interface and are very proactive if they identify problems.   

I think the term "transport" is now being used generically for anything that stores and delivers media.  I use it as a "transport" now because all my discs are on it's drive, which is awesome  because of the space it saves, and no fumbling around for CDs.   I never thought I would put all my discs on a hard disc, but the sound is excellent using the Vault digital out into my DAC.   
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