Bob Marley Reissues

Hot off the presses, "Catch a Fire" deluxe edition. Disc one, the original Kingstown release. Disc two, the Island release with addtional guitar and organ overdubs. I can't be too objective about this release, as I needed to be velcroed into my listening postion. Sound quality very, very good, packaging cool, and the two disc concept a must for Marley fans. The first of the entire catalog.

Associated equipment...........ahem.
Hotrocket, very rarely do I let poor quality recordings stop me from enjoying the music. Marley's original CD releases though, are awful, and this reissue is a vast improvement over the original. If you're interested in Marley's music, give it a try. You might find you like more than a "few" songs.
It's not the quality that bother's me, it's the actual songs. I heard the album when i was a kid and i did'nt like some of the songs then either.
hotcorocket, i tink yure missin' da boat on this thread, if ya don't mind my sayin' so - seems to me it's obviously directed towards marley fans. of *course* if ya don't like marley or this album, ewe won't like it even if the recording is so good, it sounds like yure in the studio w/him! proof that ya missed what this thread is about, was prfont's response to yer 1st post - why wood anyone who doesn't like the music bother to respond? this thread wasn't an attempt to discuss marley-music - it was directed at *believers*, alerting 'em to better-quality recordings. unless, mebbe yure yust tryin' to get in a personal dig at anyone who likes this music? ;~)

prfont, personally, i tink the mo-fi edition on winyl is the one to get! ;~)

regards, doug