Happy Birthday Bob Marley

Bob birthday month.

Born February 6th 1945.

One of my favorite performers and songwriters. 

Had the pleasure of seeing him once and meeting the family in Kingston.




He was no party pooper! :-) He left a football, basketball and bobsled team behind in kids alone. There are a few older than he was when he died now.. Shame really to go so young. He was in the mix last weekend.

Hello. I think Bob Marley is an amazing musician, other artists are still trying to repeat his style, but it doesn’t work. And all because it had a soul and the text with music came from the heart, but now ... In general, let's not talk about bad things. Bob, happy birthday, you are a legend! And do not tell me where you can buy clip art with Bob Marley, I just want to add to the collection. Have a good day or good night everyone!

Reggae is a great genre of music, and Bob Marley did more to popularize it than anybody else; I just wish more people would explore reggae beyond just Bob and the brilliant Harder They Come soundtrack. So many sub-genres of reggae.... Also wish I could post photos on here as I got some fine photos of Bob in Oakland in 1976.... 

There is something special about Reggae music and its close relatives.....good Karma.    Why couldn't we come up with that?

I'm a big fan of roots and dub, primarily, though I also like toasting/DJ and Jamaican dancehall music as well.... Good vibes indeed, or serious discussion - great stuff! 

What a shame Peter Tosh is no longer with us - he COULD 'advertise it' now!! 

I am listening to the KCRW.com tribute to Bob Marley and it was fun to hear John Lennon talk about one of Marley compositions. It sounded like he was in a studio with some other musicians.

Lennon was in awe.

Here is a link to the tribute. I listen to this on FM not internet. I love Bob Marley and this tribute was great.

Jason Kramer’s playlist, February 6, 2022 | Jason Kramer | KCRW

Just tried to play it but they do not seem to have a link for that. Hopefully, they add it.

[Edit] The tribute will be available for streaming on this link. Need to wait for Feb 6 show to be added.

Jason Kramer | KCRW



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"other artists are still trying to repeat his style, but it doesn’t work. And all because it had a soul and the text with music came from the heart"

Bob Marley quote:  "Jah wrote all those songs"  

I saw him live as well, in 1979.  The thing I never expected was how charismatic he was, how you were drawn in like a magnet.  An amazing experience I remember to this day.  There was the definitely a spiritual aspect to his shows.