Bob Seger live albums

Family debate

Need to pole my Seger fans.

Live bullet  OR nine tonight ??

Your fav and why


Live Bullet- Bob Seger vocally in his prime and the Silver Bullet Band had an edgier harder rock sound. I do enjoy the more mainstream songs performed live, only "Let It Rock" are on both albums with the "Live Bullet" version being superior.

Second vote for Live Bullet, thank you, Just added to my weekend playlist 

I grew up in Detroit.  Seeger actually played at a Bar Mitzvah I attended as a 13 year old when he and his band were at a low point.  A few years later after still failing to catch on nationally he released Live Bullet.  To me the vibe of this album was that he wanted an album that would maximize his local popularity, thus all the “Hey Deetroit “ references..  Naturally, an album meant to grow his local following was his big international breakthrough 

+10 live bullet, which flat out rawks. nine tonight isn't bad but gets dragged down by all the aor ballads.

Bob Seger performed many times at my high school dances in Lincoln Park Michigan. Heck, he evens mentions being homesick for Lincoln Park, imagine, on his Back In 72 Album.

I have seen him also several times at local bars (West Side Six) and he even played his crappy (new at the time) Brand New Morning album at a local restaurant we attended. Even with that comment I always have and always will be a fan. I have every one of his albums, cd's many are out of print and worth now a few bucks.

It would be nice if there was more live material in the vaults...

If not, perhaps someone could do a first-rate remaster of Live Bullet.


Another +vote for "Live Bullet". A must own album in any format.


Happy Listening!

This post/blog convinced me to order "Nine Tonight" on vinyl. Have "Live Bullet" on CD but finding a mint original pressing at a fair price will take some time.

They rereleased this just last year and it's pretty good.

I'm sure it is a digital sourced LP