Bookshelf/ Monitors for bedroom setup - Revel/ Dynaudio/ Spendor

I'm looking for my bedroom (L shaped: 21x11 is the I in the L and 13x10 is the _ in the L) setup and have these speakers around my area/online for sale (all used):
Revel Performa3 M106/ M105 
Dynaudio Contour S1.4
Spendor A1
Spendor Sp 2/3
All of these speakers are around the price range I'm looking for. I don't have other equipment yet, will be getting them depending on the speakers and < $1k budget, thinking an integrated. I'm not an audiophile by any measure but appreciate clean/ natural sounding speakers. I listen to mixed variety of music but hip-hop, pop, electronics/ dance. I listen to fair amount of Indian music (both classical and modern) which I don't find in very good quality, so iTunes or CD at the best. I do have a sub but if I can avoid it I would by all means since it's a townhome and I don't want to disturb the neighbors with my late night listening.

FYI - I've not heard any of these speakers yet. I did my research online but couldn't find a direct comparison between these. Very little about the Spendors.

Revels with a Rogue Audio Sphinx would be my vote.  It will give you a slightly forward sound profile with a wonderful soundstage.  The Revels will be best about 2’ from the back wall. 
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I do have enough room from the back wall. Sorry, I should've mentioned that. Once I rearrange the room I'll know better but minimum 3' and a maximum around 6'.
There are several different generations of the 2/3.  So long as the ones you're looking at aren't too old, those would be the ones I'd go for.  Plenty of reviews on-line.
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@twoleftears thanks! Good to know. I think that'll be my last option here, unless people say it's really good compared to the others. I found this one couple of hours from my place just this morning.
Given the music you listen to the Wharfedale Evo 4.2 would be worth considering.  It’s a 3-way bookshelf speaker with dedicated woofer and midrange drivers to enhance clarity and dynamics (good for hip hop, dance, pop music), and with its refined AMT tweeter it can be more forgiving of non-audiophile recordings than many cheaper dome tweets.  These can be had for $999/pr at Crutchfield with free shipping and a 60-day trial period, which is very nice to have.  Pair these with a NuPrime IDA-8 integrated amp that can be had for $650 used and you’re well on your way to a very refined and high-value bedroom system.  Hope this helps, and best of luck. 
@soix I think you misunderstood my statement. I listen most music other than hip hop, dance, pop. But I’ll do some digging on those speakers.
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Ah crap.  I swear I’m losin’ it here.  You could probably do very nicely with the Wharfedale Diamond 11.2 at half the price or the Evo 4.1.  Since the thumping libido music is off the table, the Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus at $699/pr new would be my top pick along with the IDA-8 amp.  Again, best of luck. 
I do have an extra pair of B&W CM1s that I’m giving it off to my cousin. I guess that should give some insights as to what I’m looking for, a little more than the CM1s.
@b_limo sounds good. I’ll keep that mind too.
And I lost that Spendor A1 ☹️ Sold!
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@extravaganza sorry about the confusion, I don’t listen to those music. I prefer vocals, country, classical...