BPT 3.5 with MF TriVista 300 Integrated

I am thinking of getting a Balanced Power Technologies 3.5 to go with my TriVista Int. amp. I already have dedicated 20 amp lines. Since the MF power units are in a separate box and the TriVista is choke regulated, will I hear a noticeable difference?
The best thing to do would be to try it in your system. Your ears will be the best judge. However, a voltage regulator, choke or otherwise, will only keep your voltage at a constant level. It does nothing to filter out noise and the crap that comes in on the AC. The BPT lowers the noise level of the AC feeding your components. Its design cancels out the noise. So my best guess is that you will hear a significance difference because of the lower noise floor---ie, more definition, more articulation of the notes, soundstaging will improve, etc. Liken it to a gas filter on an automobile vs cruise control (regulator) that keeps you going at the same speed. Cleaner gas will allow the engine to perform at a higher level.
In my experience, amps do not like being plugged into AC Conditioners.
I own the BP-3.5 and I laos have dedicated lines. I plug my amps into
two of the dedicated lines and the BP-3.5 into another -- then everything except the amps goes into the BP-3.5. Sounds great!
The BP-3.5 is made for amps to plugged into it. Balanced power is much different than power conditioning. I would not plug an amp. into some made by Monster, or something that does filtering or conditioning.

I guess you missed the point. I own a BP-3.5 and I have several amps
around my house -- none of them like being plugged into the BP-3.5.

So, it doesn't matter what the manufacturer says -- in the real world,
I have found that the BP-3.5 is similar to other AC Conditioners -- amps
don't seem to like being plugged into it.

Amps I have tried: Levinson 436, Krell FPB 350 MCX, Proceed HPA3,
and Anthem MCA50.

In fact, my sub-woofer, which also has an amplifier, doesn't like being
plugged into the BP-3.5, either.
What do you mean: doesn't like? I have my EAD powermaster1000 going through my BPT 2 ultra and and have not found any audible loss. I will do some A/B comparisons again.
I have 2 Butler 3150's plugged into my BPT BP2.5 and they LOVE IT. In fact, everything in my system is plugged into my balanced power conditioner and everything benefits from the lack of ground noise and with NO LACK of dynamics. Different strokes Rsbeck,,, Regards, Robin