Braun CSV 60


I’m eying an ad for a Braun CSV 60 tube amplifier for 650€. It’s « fully restored ». Designed by Dieter Rams. The seller also has Braun speakers for sale. Are they worth a listen? 

- How do you plug modern speakers and RCA into this amp? The inputs/outputs are obsolete. 
- Does it sound any good? Will it be an improvement over my Continental Edison PA9109 40W AB amp from 1979? I’m using Closer Acoustics OGY 91db sensitive 15W 8ohm speakers. 
- Are the tubes easy to purchase? (4 x ECC83/2 x ECF 80/4 x PL500)

Thanks for your input. I’m not pulling the trigger just yet. 


I'd take a soft pass. It's old even if refurbished and even the connections spell grief. The tubes are available and inexpensive. With your speakers, look at a low-powered SET. Do you need a preamplifier integrated?

@noromance Thanks for the reply.

With some thought the Braun amplifier seems like a hassle with the interface.

The Unison Research Simply Italy is the perfect amplifier, but it’s 2500€.

On the used market in my area I found a Unison Research S2K for 1250€. It seems a bit pricey. But it’s as good as it gets for a low-powered SET amp. It uses KT88 and ECC82 tubes. I trust this brand a lot.

Otherwise, there are Douk Audio amps from China for 400€ (is it any good?).

Some guy in Italy on Catawiki is selling a custom EL34 amplifier for less than 300€ but I have to bid and I am worried about a hum. I got scammed with a custom tube amplifier for 1800€ which hummed like an A/C unit in the past.