Breaking news! Jays Audio is moving to Texas and takes interest in McIntosh

Southwest audio show apparently was a big hit and a great place for audio.

It's nice to see Jay is taking an interest in McIntosh amplifiers. He has a 2 boxes in his lab containing MC 901 dual mono amplifiers that can be used to biamp lots of things including speakers , a tube/solid state amplifier. He promises a review sometime soon.

Additionally he's got brand new speakers and we don't know what they are because they are Hidden behind acoustical panels waiting to be unveiled sometime by Thanksgiving.

Jay predicts his brand will be bigger than southwest audio show.  Jays audio show coming to a Texas town near you. 

Looking forward to all the excitement. 



I am still stuck at "moving to Texas". 


What's wrong with the Free State of Texas? You'd rather Kalifornia?




Vendors would give anything to have women more involved. They are not only allowed they are coveted. How many discussions have there been on this very subject? Rather than be amazed why don’t you figure out how to get women more interested in the hobby so we can all be happier and the manufacturers richer. Do you think that there is a screener at the saying “ sorry lady men only” ? Again, I’m beginning to think you are just pulling our legs and not really serious. I will not take the bait again.

What's wrong with the Free State of Texas? You'd rather Kalifornia?

you just answered it

Audio is a wealthy sport. A dorks world. This guy is the king. Enjoy it. No need to try to shut it down. What else are you gonna watch besides all the flix?