Brilliant Video proving MQA is not what they claim.


    This video is Brilliant !!!!

    Is anyone besides myself frustrated that Tidal has been removing the loss less flac versions of music for an MQA only choice.  I have reached out to them about this and have not received any response.

yep that ’conversation’ has been out there for a while... mqa is certainly dubious as a proposition, and very ’expertly marketing driven’ by those who financially benefit from it, past or present ... as someone said, correctly imo, it is an answer provided to a question never asked
I posted this video on the digital thread about two weeks ago after watching it and finding a relevant post there about Tidal.

Goldensound (the owner of the YouTube video site) looks to be a valuable resource. His measurements showed the Denafrips Ares DAC to not be a NOS DAC at all.

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