Brilliant Video proving MQA is not what they claim.

This video is Brilliant !!!!

Is anyone besides myself frustrated that Tidal has been removing the loss less flac versions of music for an MQA only choice.  I have reached out to them about this and have not received any response.

For some reason MQA did not feel right. But one thing that surprises me is how the Stereophile writers give so much importance to MQA. I wish they did that for SACD. Not that SACD or DSF/DFF files are dead. And why do we need MQA when bandwidth is increasing and internet is getting accessible to more and more people. And this is an era of open source. Why the proprietary and closed approach? They took Goldensound's all material down from that site. Looks like Bob has something to hide. Genuine stuff does not need to be hidden. That video is really good.

Tidal - well I am waiting to cancel my subscription as soon as Spotify launches HiFi version.
@milpai Have you considered Qobuz? Seems like many are moving from Tidal to Qobuz over both what you stated and a better selection of high rez minus questionable provenance. Cheers,
I tried Qobuz last year. While the quality (musicality) was much better than Tidal, the selection was not as varied. While importing my playlist from Spotify to Qobuz and Tidal, I found that Qobuz was lacking the most titles.