Bryston 3B cubed or 4B cubed?

Hello. I want a Bryston to power Focal 1038Be in a room 16 x 26. Mainly acoustic music, Folk, Jazz, World, moderate or less volume.  The system will be a Lavry DA10 DAC directly into the Bryston. I will make my own cables with Mogami as usual.
 I have to believe that the 3B cubed is enough amp for my application, however I wonder what differences I might experience with the 4B cubed in terms of soundstage, depth, 3D realism, etc. 
 Any input appreciated.
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Focal/Jm Lab speakers are very good indeed. Regarding the 1038Be take caution with selected gear, as the Be tweeter, can get bright or hot easily. A power amp with a touch of warmth is the one to purchase.
Have fun shopping around and keep us posted.
I am in the process of scheduling an audition with the 4B3 amp very soon.

Happy Listening!
I am powering my vintage B&W 802 series 3 with the 3B3 and my wife tells me that I play them “loud”.
 I don’t think you need the extra power as the 4B3 and 3B3 to my ears sounded the same. Go for the 4B3 if you have the extra cash laying around!

WoW!! This must be Karma. Yesterday I just ordered a Bryston 3B3 for my Aerial 5T's. Production at Bryston is way behind because of the pandemic. Not expecting the amp till September.
I ordered the Bryston BP17 cubed from Dedicated Audio last week and I was told to expect a 4 week delay!

The pandemic in Canada affected their production. As I stated above I'm on the waiting list for my 3B cube amp. Be patient.