Bryston bp-20 vs bp-25

Hi everybody,

I wonder if someone could tell me what is the difference between the two preamp. I know the dc power supply is better than the ac but both units are seem to be identical.

Is what the bp-25 gives a better sound quality compare to the bp-20?

Thank you!
I'm not sure that sonically there is a whole lot of difference. I was always under the impression that the largest difference between the two was that the 25 had a remote, a simple one mind you, and the 20 didn't.
Sounds like the research i came up with two weeks ago . Exact same sound ,just different features .The website Audio Circle is a great place to learn about Bryston Gear . The v.p. James Tanner frequently answers questions over there .
If you are seriously considering one of those ,look into the SP2 from Bryston . It is a 5.1 processor . It has the newest bp26 in it . I was looking at the bp20 and 25 and found the used prices to be around $1000 - $1200 used . I picked up the SP2 for $1300 . so for $100 i got the current bp 26 in the sp2 for almost the same price . And i am using it for home theater as well . Never heard a better pre yet .
Yeah, I don't believe there's much of a difference. When in doubt you can, like Maplegrovemusic said, ask James at Bryston.