Bryston Digital Transport

I've read some reviews of the new Bryston transport that is meant to play USB drives only. The TAS review was a rave and thye others that I've read have been a slam.
Any one out there have any experience with it?
I just bought one.... I am actually using the dealers demo until mine is delivered. I have it feeding an ARC DAC8. It's easily the best digital sound I've had in my system. I'm using it with my iPad with an app called Mpad as the GUI. It's not as pretty as iTunes, but it is still very good.
The BDP-1 has definitely been getting a bunch of rave reviews. If you are looking to hear from current users, you might want to check out the Bryston forums on Nice bunch of folks.
I just purchased a bdp 2 and received a huge improvement over my Windows laptop. 
I also own the BDP 2. In my opinion a very fine unit. I have a 8TB hard drive connected to it with all my music. Very easy and fast to access my collection.


Is you HD powered or a USB powered drive. Do they even make a an 8gb usb powered drive? 

Which output are you using? 
Yes, it is a powered usb HD. Western Digital. I have 2 others that I keep as back ups. They cost about $150 each.
I am using the usb out to my Direct Stream Dac.

If it has a usb connection it is both an in and out connection. The BDP-2 has 4 usb's at the rear plus one in the front.