BSG Technologies SOQ Signal Completion Stage problem - looking for help to find service

Good morning - I own a SOQ Signal Completion Stage that has developed an intermittent problem.  The left channel will intermittently stop working and the IR remote has gone intermittent. The audio output stage continues to operational when you go to "bypass" or "mono".  When you turn off the unit the left channel passes processed audio for a second before the whole unit turns off. It seems that the logic control for the switching is the problem. The IR receiver is also located on that same PC board. 

Does anyone know of a service facility of individual that could service the unit for me? You can reach me at  Thank you! Will
Slightly off topic.  How do you like the audio performance of the QOL?  Sorry no help on the service issue.
Take the batteries out of the remote.

Unplug the unit. Wait, 10 minutes. Plug it back in and boot the system.

While unplugged from the wall, check all the other connections, plug and unplug, unscrew and retighten, RCA locks. CHECK your connections. MAKE sure there are no stray single stands anywhere.. LOOK and tighten..

UNPLUG IT!! NO Turning it off is not good enough. (I’m sure it is, I just don’t trust people). 1000 times people have told me they did something and did not. A plane ride, two days later, after being flown to a drilling platform, I would UNPLUGING something and plug it back in ONLY to find out the on sight mechanic DIDN’T.

75,000.00 usd mistake THEN! NOW 300,000.00 or more for 2 days down..

DON’T put the batteries back in the remote.

See if it screws up without the batteries in the remote..

BTW I know nothing about your unit. Just 101 Dick Tracy. You said the Remote was screwing up? Maybe it’s doing something silly like sticking..
Remove it from the loop.

All the best..

All I got for NO MONEY... :-)

Contact Walter at Underwood hifi  he sold them and said he can get them fixed if they break.
Thank you for the replies.  

I will try the unplugging/replugging.  The problem seems to be related to the switching logic so that may work. Agreed on the remote. I n3ver used it anyway. I just left the unit on and switched it on the preamp.

Also, thanks for the lead to Underwood hifi.  I will call him and see if he has a contact for repair. 


I haven't had any problems with my Qol, but my remote started working intermittently. I basically completely took it (the remote) apart. Long story short, I got the remote working well enough to feed all it's signals into a slim, learning remote. It's easier to use, and never fails. The Qol's RC was poorly designed, and problematic, as you discovered. Switch to a learning remote while you still can, before the original goes out.