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I need some guidance to better power my Amphion Argon 3's. I currently have a Peachtree decco65 which I like for the flexibility to play multiple formats, but I have a feeling it's a bit underpowered. Room is 10'x14' and the speakers are on Sound Anchors stands, the speakers sound lovely but I'm not so sure I'm getting as much as I could with my current integrated. Does it make good sense to add a power amp to the Decco65 like a Parasound a23 or other nicely priced amp and utilize the pre of the Peachtree, or do I just replace it with something like a current Hegel 160. Thanks for the help.
Decision depends on budget, but I believe the A23 or an Odyssey Khartago would be a nice upgrade. If you like the sound other than feeling it is under-powered, no need to change the whole thing...
I have recently ventured into Class D amplifiers, and much to my surprise, they sound incredibly good.

The company, Class D Audio, sells complete amplifiers, complete kits, or separate components.

The pricing on these amps, and the quality of the parts, makes them an incredible bargain. A 125 Wpc Class D amp is $430. A finished complete amp is around $600.

These amps sound spectacular, if you are looking for a bargain, these certainly qualify. (No affiliation with Class D Audio).

1. Muse One Hundred Sixty (160)
2. PS Audio Delta 200
3. Hafler 9505… Maybe 9305 or 9500
4. Sumo Andromeda III
5. CJ a few different 200 watt per channel solid state pieces…
6. Aragon 8008
Great amps listed above, just be extra careful if you buy a 20-30 year old amp...
You sound like you're not sure if the amp is your problem. What's going on with the system that makes you feel like there's an issue?
I'd also recommend checking out the Crown XLS series. An excellent affordable choice for power-hungry speakers (like my SP Tech Revelations). Can be purchased from Amazon, so you have a good return policy if they don't work out in your system. A buddy and I both preferred the XLS 2000 to the DIY crowd favorite Hypex NCore amps, on my speakers (largely due to better bass). That said, on his speakers we both preferred the NCore to the XLS. Synergy is everything.
Thanks all for the input.
Zd542, you ask a great question and my only answer is that I don't think anything is wrong at all. I'd like to get a fuller sound at lower volume and was thinking it was a power related thing. I'll experiment with low risk option first and learn along the way. Thanks again for all the amp options.
It took a little time to finally make a decision on "budget" power options, but now I am the proud owner of a used Job 225 ! My belly hurts and my neck is sore, this little amp delivers a soundstage and fullness that makes me wonder, how is this possible for such a small box ? I'm enjoying this extraordinary upgrade immensely, a new preamp is next. 
Tortuga LDRX, Audible Illusions LII, Job Pre2 ? must have a remote.

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