Budget pull down screen "sleepers"

Ok so I have tried 2 budget screens, one a white 1.1 gain and another a gray screen but it is flimsy and has a wave in it. I was wondering who knows of a manual pull down sreen 84-92in with a nice thick screen material?
Any ideas would be great, sadly I need to stay SUPER cheap.
check out the screens from Monoprice.com. The reviews are good and the prices are excellent. They have a 4x3 100" electric, which will give you about a 90" diagonal 16x9 image for $192.00
Yea but if its 4x3 I will have dead area so I dont want to got hat route but will look, thanks.
I'd suggest you check out the Tension Flat series screens from HTDepot(www.htdepot.com). They perform well and are very fair in price.
Here's a low cost alterantive to consider:

sherardp, thanks I ordered one today!
Unsound thanks but you did see I need a pulldown correct? I cant do a fixed screen due to fireplace, as always thanks for all ideas