Building a music room

I’ve got $2-3k to play with and want to make a high quality music room in my house w the ability to upgrade it in the future. I want to put in a hifi system for a 2-4 speaker set up in a 12x15 foot room, 9’ ceilings. Want to listen to mostly folk, jazz, Americana, soft rock with the occasional hip-hop and rock.  I already have a Rega P3 turntable I love but took the rest of my old system and donated it downstairs to my home theater. Looking for a way to set it up so I can stream music on this system but also transmit it to other places in the house (my downstairs home theater and my kitchen/living room area on the main level).

Id like to do as much of this wirelessly as possible (outside of the hifi stereo in the music room). Id thought of pairing a rotel RX1052 with some KEF LS50s in the main room (fed by my turntable and a blue sound node or other streamer) and then having the different zone outputs on the rotel Bluetooth to my amp downstairs and one in the living room/kitchen area. Anyone have thoughts on a better way to do that?


I would concentrate on getting appropriate equipment before room treatments. Depending on your choice of speakers and positioning, that will determine your allocation to tube traps, and other acoustical treatments and where they are needed. 

That was certainly my plan - I’m trying to figure out components to make the room play beautiful music and also let me potentially play that music into other parts of the house.

Oh, sorry. You mean you were asking about components? I thought you were asking for recommendations for room treatments.

To be clear here, you are at a budget of $2-$3K all in for speakers, amp, digital front end and need a phono preamp included. It needs to stream music and have a dac?