Building a new system…looking for thoughtful recommendations

Long time lurker here… I’ve been listening to equipment for some time at various shops in my area.  I’m sold on a set of Magnepan 3.7i’s  and I have ordered a Bryston 4B3 to punch up the bass. (I do love classic and hard rock, Radiohead, etc).  I already own a modest turntable (project 2xperience with a Sumiko blue #2 MC) My fiancé tends towards newer and EDC music so I’d like to get a nice DAC with a phono stage built in.  My issue of course is that I’d prefer to get a tube pre-DAC but I’m concerned with matching up with the Bryston and it’s low input Ohms.  BTW Listening room is 30x20 with 9 foot ceilings. Budget..7K or so, hopefully I’ve answered most of the questions the noobs seem to get chastised for around here. Love the banter here btw. This new world doesn’t have enough of it anymore. 

What db level do you listen? Loud, medium or soft?

The Maggies are a wonderful choice. 

Many great DACs. I like the tube warmth. You?

Ask Bryston. They will say Chord. No tubes though.

Meantime focus on finding 4 subs to offer a proper base 
array.  This will complete what should be a great system!

The Bryston gives plenty of detail and plenty of power at every level, but I do feel it lacks some roundness when listening to say a great Van Morrison record.  So in my mind some tubes will help. To be honest I do believe music is best played loudly. Putting a great Tool album on and hearing Danny Cary’s MasterClass in percussion is one of my true joys in life. 4 subs?  Is this because of the size of the room?  I knew I might have to add one close to my listening space but 4?  Some speaker cable company is going to get rich….
Welcome to the world I had some 3.5's and absolutely loved them.  They changed the way I look at my hi-fi items.  I sold them to a friend and gravely miss their sound.  So now, when I buy new hi-fi, I buy and hold.  There is very seldom a sell.  I must now find an item disappointing to sell.  All because of the maggies.  I miss Dire Straits and piano music played on my maggies.  Very exact, very wonderful.  The sub need will depend of what you are listening to for music.  For piano, there really isn't as much need.  For listening to Radiohead, you might be amazed at what a great sub can add.  That's a fairly big room, so you will also get to play with positioning for optimum sound quality.  I did mine about 3 feet off the wall slightly towed inward.  Positioning can make a huge difference.  You will also notice that every different recording will have a different magic volume.  I look at the trail you are walking and makes me fondly remember some great speakers I once owned. 
As to a pre-amp, I would be tempted to go with guidance from Bryston but ask them if there is a tube option.  Perhaps get what they recommend and then try a Schiit Freya.  That won't break the bank. 
Check out the AVM PA 5.2. It has an optional DAC Card and Phono stage that can be included. The DAC is good. The Phono stage is very good. This has a tube stage and is a first rate unit. It is fully balanced, has a variable output to increase matching with other brands amps and even has tone controls.

The McIntosh C22 is incredible. If you can accept an external DAC (which you can do on that budget) it would be very high on my list. The phono stage is INSANELY good.

I have had a schiit freya in my system that I took on trade. With elite amplification and those speakers, I might look elsewhere.

I am an AVM dealer so am a bit biased but it is a darn nice unit.  I have no relationship with McIntosh or Schiit.  .  
Thanks for the sage advice Hoosier.  I really can’t wait to get them set up. As for the AVM, I do t see pricing anywhere for the add on DAC and the Phono Stage?

Op,  I drive Magnepans with a 4B3 and have had the Freya Plus with Melz 1578 Tubes running with it for the last 15 months.  I don't shop for gear anymore, the sound is sublime and they get get along well. I like the tubes in front of the Bryston.  Since I stream, the tubes for me are a must.