Building my own

Alright I have decided that im going to build my own speakers. I was org going to buy a center ch speaker but when I got one and had it set up I decided that I liked my two ch set up but the place would not give me my money back so I had to do store credit and I bought two JM Lab 8in W cones and two Toxid 5 tweeters and two KRK crossovers that have been modified but I cant remember how.

So I think Im going to use these new speakers as a set of mains in my living room and move my current JM Lab 906 speakers to my bed room and pull them out as surround sound speakers when watching movies in the living room. So my question is would these speakers sound alright working togeather? I know the cross over is different and I know that Im going to build a cabnet that is alot different than the one the 906 have.

Also tell me what you think of my idea I want to do a transmission line speaker is this a good idea or should I make bookshelf speakers out of them? When I had a friend create a design for a transmission line speaker for me he said that the responce would be 90db and have a responce ragne from 38-23k.

And since I am a noob at speaker building what do I need to be carefull about? What are some hints of the trade? Im planing to use 3/4in MDF for the materal is this a good choice? Also when I finish the speakers should I go with venneers to finish it or paint it or do what? I want to keep this project as cheap as i can the budget is 350 so after buying the drivers i have 100 bucks left to play with.
I hate to tell you, but the crossovers you have will likely sound terrible, and the drivers will likely not integrate well unless your tweeters have an extremely low resonant frequency, or your woofer can play much higher than most 8's. I have been building speakers for several years now, if you want something that sounds better than your JM Labs, you will need to either buy expensive software and measurment devices and design crossovers, or use a design someone else has perfected. Check out, there are some great sounding speakers there. I built the MBOW 3 way and it compares well with $2500 commercial speakers. Also check out the Madisound discussion board and for more tutorial. Unfortunately it is not as easy as slapping some drivers in a box, people think speakers are overpriced, but the design phase is very time consuming and difficult. Hope this helps.
Yeah dude I got the speakers in the mail and they were not in great condition. One of them the basket was crushed. The tweeters were also in bad condition and not the same as the ones I was promised I was told they were for JM Lab Electra series and well it was a way diff tweeter. Also I was told that the 8in were the same as the W Cones that are in the current cc901. Hahaha that was a bad joke. The "W cones" that i was sent were not W cones at all they were cheap styrophme feeling cones. The crossowas a piece of shit also. The crossover looked way cheaper than any crossover that I have ever seen in a hifi speaker and iw as told taht it was hi fi. I pluged up the 8 that was in "good condition" and I pluged it into a polk rti took out its speaker and put this one in and the speaker sound horid it was blown. So this was a crash. The speakers were not in good shape. The crossover looked like it was assembled by a 5 year old. I can build a better crossover than they sent me(well im good with electronics and all but still) Well luckley the seller agreed to give me my money back. So im not out at all except for time and effort.