Building my second system.

So I've outgrown my old my ancient gear that I picked up used for a steal (the phono stage in the reciever only puts out one channel of audio, and the speakers are crap with a capital C) and I'm looking for a serious upgrade. So, here's what I'm looking at.

As far as a new deck, I'd like to pick up a Rega P3, if i can find one used near me to avoid shipping, if not, probably would settle for a P2

I've already put in an offer for some Epos ELS 3 speakers here off the gon. I read alot of good things about these speakers for the price, and seem to fit my application (small room)

And I'm going with a Jolida 102b and the Jolida phono pre more than likely. Seems to be a good idea because I live about 45min away from where their place of origin, so I can definitely demo them if need be

Right now, i have a JVC semi-auto dd, pioneer sx434 reciever, and a audio-technica phono pre, and no-name speakers.

any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If you don't already have them, get good stands for the EPOS speakers. Ones with carpet spikes (if you have carpet), that can be filled with sand to mass load them. Good stands are a must for bookshelf speakers. If the stands aren't included in the speaker purchase, check Audio Advisor, they have some real nice ones that don't cost a lot.

Then, work methodically on correct speaker placement. This is where the big payoff comes. No piece of gear at any price can make badly placed speakers come to life.

Sounds like a nice system, moderately similar to my own (smallish room, 102b, bookshelf speakers). I adore my 102b and the wonderful imaging I get through it.

Ditto on the stands and placement.

If you are going analog, a good LP cleaning process will be helpful. I use steam and The Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaner. Steam cleaning details are in other threads here.

Magic Eraser as a stylus cleaner. Also in other threads.

Lots of other places you can go. Sturdy equipment support will likely be helpful. Google for the TNT Audio FleXy and Sandblaster.

I use BDR cones under my amp and myrtle wood blocks under my TT. Experimentation was important here... the cones squashed the image depth when they were under my turntable. Play around and see if you can find an arrangement that works for you.

Herbie's Audio Lab makes tube dampers that helped my system. They also make TT mats that I liked (and other anti-vibration gear I haven't tried).

Except for the FleXy, I've done those things and they worked well for my setup. YMMV (and probably will)

It sounds like you have your eyes on a satisfying setup. I hope it goes well. Regards,