Becoming an audiophile has been like a second... No, third childhood.

Having children and raising them is the most important thing I've ever done with my life. When my son was born, there was the anticipation of buying him all of the cool toys I remembered as a kid and the really cool ones that I always wished I had. That was my second childhood. It was really great! I'd buy the toys and be so excited! Excited for him to play with them but also excited for me to share in playing with him and them. To the world I could always say "they're for my son" and maintain my adult status.

Becoming an audiophile has definitely been a third childhood for me. However, this time I'm exposed to the world, out there in the open. No more hiding behind my son.

I could say something like "I'm buying a record for his birthday" but honestly, I wouldn't be researching pressings, or ordering expensive releases off Discogs. If another adult I know sees me carrying a bag of records, I'm not embarrassed to admit they're for me.

I've had similar emotions to opening up incredible Christmas presents as a kid when getting the gear except there isn't the shock of receiving them. Although, unwrapping my speakers in late December a couple of years ago was pretty sweet!

Yes, I've embraced my latest childhood renaissance!


Buying new gear/music is certainly exciting.

Especially when it lives up to your expectations.

Happy Listening!

Ha! I still run with a skip in my step down to the mail person when records arrive.

„If another adult I know sees me carrying a bag of records, I’m not embarrassed to admit they’re for me.“

Do people really think buying records is weird?

This is the emotional response that only music can deliver. It can take you to multiple happy places, many sad places, and when you get to either you know. I think music is way underestimated for its impact. I have songs that within seconds of hearing them take me to a specific time and place in my life. It is equal to life events where you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard or saw the news. Certain songs and particular bands can transport me to an altered state of joy where I am able to remove the rest of the world from my thoughts. In summary I will say this journey you are on is and always should be about the music. Too many people in this hobby cross the Rubicam where they go from the music to their “system” . System love is the rabbit hole to avoid keep it about the music and enjoy the ride it can be fantastic.

I've long believed in viewing the world with the wide-eyed wonder of a child, and the joy that music can deliver hits that spot, that ability to be touched and amazed by an experience with art.  I hope I never lose touch with that part of myself.

And I would also agree that raising my children is the most important and rewarding job I will ever have.  And I can remember taking them along with me to drive 6 hours round trip in the rain to get a pair of 80's era Cornwalls in Kansas City that I found on Craigslist; they've been with me on many other music-related adventures as well, and they are memories I will always cherish.

@sgreg1, I fell down the rabbit hole after buying a Yamaha A-S3000 integrated to resurrect my system from a 15 year hiatus. I noticed that my Infinity RS4b speakers sounded better than I ever remember them sounding when my old flagship Yamaha integrated, the A-1000, was working before it died and I put the system away all those years ago.

I wondered what new speaker technology would do for the system? That was me falling down the rabbit hole which lead to my current set-up in which all components from the old system were replaced, some of them several times. All of this transpired within the last 3.5 years.

The journey has been totally worth it sonically but, I’m glad I’m done for the time being.

What’s happened since building the system and being in heaven listening to music is a progression of my third childhood journey.

I decided to start drum lessons again. I haven’t played in 40 years. Building the system and getting back into music has lead me to wanting to play drums again. I’m starting from scratch, learning to read music and proper holding of the sticks. I’d been away so long that now there are three different grips to master. They weren’t teaching them when I learned! I am a fish out of water at the present time but I got spare time...

We are all basically a bunch of overgrown babies playing with the new expensive toys we couldn’t afford as kids. 

Nap time now.   Sweet dreams!