Building TV cabinet; should I use wall speakers or bookshelf type speakers behind fabric?

I'm building a TV cabinet that the TV will live in and raise up out the top via a motor. I want to put a left, right, and center channel in the cabinet. My options are to place front ported or sealed bookshelf type speaker behind acoustically treated fabric or use wall speakers. Any recommendations? 


1. front L and front R SEPARATE! adjust spacing, adjust toe-in, future changes.

2. center channel, tricky, you want the speaker as close to the monitor as possible, I find just below the monitor best, dialog will be anchored to the image.

a. You could build a center channel recess in the front/top of the cabinet, then raise the monitor up to finish just above it, i.e. the speaker does not move. The face of the Monitor would be 'behind' the face of the center speaker which needs to be considered. Cloth panel, put speaker in from behind.

b. Center Speaker goes up/dn with the Monitor.

I don't like rear ports, thus I chose this Klipsch center with front ports


they make a wireless version


klipsch has some refurbished, you can find them for less on eBay etc ....

get the monitor height right before you cut wood!

i'm 6' tall, Donna is 5' tall.

I made a riser to lift the monitor up to a height that was comfortable for both our necks/viewing, and the relationship of my progressive lenses so I don't need to lift/lower my chin to see everything, including small sub-title/credits text clearly.

kept messing with piles of books until we got it right.

that determines the bottom of your monitor, then go from there.

Yes, speaker height above all else.

As for ports, I've never had any issues with either front or rear.

However, very small ported speakers at volume might have issues.

It's a nice idea to have them behind fabric.

I'd prefer not to see the speakers.

In the old days, to verify if a fabric was ok in front of speakers, we would blow cigarette smoke thru the fabric, see and feel the resistance.

a sample corner, the fabric would get stained from the smoke quite easily, sure glad I quit.

@elliottbnewcombjr ,

Well that's one way of doing it!

I'm assuming the BBC, after trying a different experiment, decided to use Tygan for their legendary LS3/5s.

However, there must be other sonically transparent grille materials out there.


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Gave myself a rise in pay along the way, each year, whatever a carton a week cost, up to $4,200/yr now.

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Somewhere around $80,000. ?