Burmester 001 dig pre-amp question.

I was wondering how good is the built in digital pre amp section is in the Burmester 001 cd player?

I was wondering this as I was interested in getting the TACT rcs pre-amp or a Jeff Rowlands pre-amp.

Any thoughts on this would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks
I can't speaker for the burmester, but I can compare the Jeff Rowland and the Tact Preamp. The Jeff Rowland is much better by a huge margin, that being said if you Modify the TACT PowerSupply it is listenable (I bought one from aberdeen components otherwise I would have immediately sold the piece) but still not at the level of the Jeff Rowland. I still own my Tact but use it between a Theta Gen VII DAC/Pre. If you use the room correction and EQ functions see the Tact forum on yahoo, then it's worth using. If not get the Rowland.

I've heard the 001 into a VTL 7.5 and your CD player is an amazing player! But I did not hear the preamp section
Well Originally I was building a headphone system around it. i already have the ML 31/30.5 as a headphone source.

But it has been a while since I was involved in the 2 channel scene and certainly not at this level. So I thought it would be a good as time as any.

I have the option to buy the JR model 10 amps.

I like tonal warmth even though I know most A'goners would be horrified at that kind of tonality. But I prefer that kind of sound.

I wanted to get a tube amp but the little one likes to touch stuff and smack stuff so I thought a SS would be a more practical solution.

My idea was to just use the Burmester pre amp function to drive the model 10's without a pre-amp. Or do you think getting a pre-amp would benefit me more.

Thanks for any advice
I actually owned 001 in combination with TacT (I still own Tact). I was using 001's pre and kept TacT volume at 93.9. That way, the sound is beautiful. 001's pre is really good. JR may be superb and I don't disagree, but "the fewer box the better" is my motto. It's up to you. Ken
Khokugo>Do you find the pre-amp sound and the sound without it different?

I recieved my Burmester about two weeks ago. It was used but well looked after.

I know most audiogoners would be horrified at spending that kind of money only for it to place it's own personality on the music but I find it quite appealing.

The pre-amp sounds is somewhat different. I wouldn;t describe it clean sounding per se. But many of the 001's personality are toned downed.

Looks like I will have to invest in a pre-amp if I want to preserve the sound the 001's give me without the built in pre-amp being activated.
I have the 001 cd player and 011 pre-amp. The CD sound much better with the pre-amp.Do you like your 001. I am thinking about selling the 001.
HIC>The main reason i sought out the 001 was because I heard it is on the warmer side of linear and has a rich midrange. I like this kind of sound.

But when cdp's costing so much and most people prefer detail, dynamics and transparency then the 001 would not fits most people's shopping list I think.

Not to metion there are few cdp's which are voiced in this way. Most are voiced more cleanly or in a smooth organic way.

I am not quite sure hot to proceed with my setup as it does throw up some problems. For example do I get a transparent pre/power or integrated so that it allows the 001 sound to pass through without being molested? Or a combo which gives it just alittle more warmth and sweetness.

I would love to hear it with the 011. But I think it's out of my price range.

Why are you selling the 001? Too coloured for your taste's? upgrading or just in general you don;t like the 001 sound.

The only other cdp I was considering was the Reimyo cdp777. Also you should be aware that I am currently using it within a headphone setup and not 2 channel. I am trying to decide whether I want to make the switch back to 2 channel.

My original idea was 001>CJ pre or Jeff Rowland pre>Jeff Rowland model 10>Martin logans or wilson benesch arcs.
I was wondeing has anyone compared the 032 to the 011. How do they fare against each other.

Also I know it may not be a big deal to many users but how do you find the headphone section.

I would still like to use my Grado Rs-1's with them.
I'm currently using the 001 CD player/pre-amp directly connected to my Gryphon Antilleon bypassing a variety of pre-amps I have had over time. I believe that this is one of the few units you can actually use as a cd/digital pre-amp combo and get a brilliant result. Connecting your turntable via an AD converter is a pain, so if you have a big investment in LP's than give it a miss.