Burmester 001 or Audio Research cd 7

I would like an advice regarding those two players,as I prepare to buy one of them,but cant get the ARC for home test run.Recently had 001 at home for audition,and its best cd player that I ever heard,warm,detailed,organic,relaxed,with great low end and deep stage.In the same time other dealer offered me a great deal with cd7,and heard good things about it,but its 400km away,and cant try it home.My systems consists of Pathos Inpol 2 amp,Sonus Faber Cremona auditor speakers,Cardas G.ref.speaker and IC,and Running Springs Dmitri power conditioner,listen to jazz music,prefer music over neutrality.Would appreciate to hear from people who have tryed or had them.Thanks in advance

I realize its two years since you posted this (with no response), but I'd be curious to know if you ever actually paired Burmester and/or the ARC CD-7 with the Inpol2, and if you did, what results?