Burned out hi fi salesman

Have any of you come across a burned out hi fi salesman? I was at my local dealer the other day and was talking to one of the sales guys. In my opinion he is damaged goods! According to him he has had all the equipment at different times one could imagine. He said that he came to the conclusion that all hi fi components are within 5 % of each other in terms of sound (All things being equal). The fact that he currently does not even OWN a stereo is not a good sign! How can you relate to your customers if you're not even into hi fi yourself? I would advise anyone to ask the sales person they are dealing with questions about his or her preference with repects to the equipment they themselves own. As I say, the gentleman I talked to was non caring, un-involved, bitter, etc... Don't make hi fi choices beased on the "Expert"advise of an individual such as this. The lesson for me? Ask questions about your sales person first........then ask about the various equipment! You'll have fun and make better choices! Cheers,

5% sounds like a lot to me. More like .5%. But that's the difference audiophiles pay the most for. I agree: the sales person was not a believer so he should not be in the business of proselytizing.
Washline a well balance post,congratulations and happy
holiday to you, ten years ago I am just an audiophile
who is learning,I am not making enough money to buy
expensive gears,but I have the potential to make more
money,that time many dealers ignore me, and it hurts,
because I do love music,you think the dealers care?
I did not think so.
Ten years after I can afford at least 30K system, easy.
Those dealers who did not treat me right, did not
get my business.I learn so much here a Agon,Emailing
Tireguy,Stehno,and many more friends here,I have learned
I have to remind dealers if they will treat potential
buyers right,they will remember that,and they will come
back,or they will refer them,It happen so many times,
I know a dealer who is extremely happy because, I send
Him a lot of buyers.We are both happy, because we are
able to help.Thanks
--"For me it's about the music, the equipment is only a tool."-- Nocaster

If that's true...Why in the HELL were you buying a Patricia Barber album?

If that's your idea of music, no wonder you don't care about your system!
Washline, very nice comments. I completely agree that the current
circumstances for dealers are very harsh and difficult, on one side the
Internet and Best Buy on the other hand a very spezialized market. I have
almost stopped going to dealers for the same reasons as Jactoy. I actually
never went to a dealer to just listen and then buy on Agon. If I decide to go
used, I usually just go for it, try it out for a while and sell it if I don't like it. If I
listen at a dealer and like it, I will buy there. Your idea of a present is very
good one for the failed opportunites where you did not enjoy the gear
enough, but where you would like to keep good relations.

Anyway, I still think that the current business model would support a very
different solution, very similar to Matrix suggestions. I would not mind paying
for a two month home demo, if that means I can return it in case I don not
enjoy the piece. In fact, Cinematic_Systems' approach of home demoing is
quite similar as claimed on his website. I just don't agree that it is the
Audiphile market that needs to change, but rather I thik retailer need to adapt
to the changing and more diverse market. The dealer then becomes a real
service provider for demos and consultant to indentify what is needed to
reach a good sound (room analysis, identifiaction of problems and solutions).

As always, best wishes,

Hello Quixotic_quest

Ï will defend your right to "Freedom of speech" no matter what! Be well, and may you have plenty of time to listen to whatever kind music and equipment you like.