Burning coxial antenna cable on a cooker.

Just wondering. Will using a cable burner on coaxial antenna cable improve FM performance? Has anyone tried this?
Fascinating idea! Changes due to vigorous burn-in might have an even greater effect on the ultra-low level FM signal. Unfortunately, if you think about the nature of a modulated signal in a typically RF saturated environment, they might not be for the better. Someone should try this though!
A handful of customers have used the Cable Cooker to condition S-video and other dedicated video cables with great success, cited a much-improved picture and video/DVD playback, but no one I know has tried coaxial antenna cable. If someone wants to send me a length to condition (at no charge, of course), I will give it a go. Nothing ventured, nothing ventured, etc.
Good move, Alan! It would have to be someone who's really into tuners, like Sedond...

All I have is an old Pioneer 6500 tuner I bought at a pawn shop for $20--it is in *mint* shape, though. I just won an indoor Sony FM antenna on eBay. Nothing extraordinary, but nonetheless an interesting battery operated unit:


I'm really curious to see if this works...
As long as someone is at it, why not obviate the inevitable later question and have one cooked and have the other cryoed and cooked?
Interestingly enough, when I was delivering a group of cables and new Hubbell's to my cryo vendor yesterday, there sat an entire, brand-new 1000-foot spool of white coax antenna cable. Someone is already hip to this treatment. I'll try and find out more next week, and see if my vendor can put me in touch with his other customer (I'm not aware of who this is....business is always handled very discretely, which I like).
Alan, maybe that coaxial being cryoed is for making some high end "digital" cable...