Burson V6 Op-amp modification


I recently upgraded my CD player with amazing results. I have a ONIX CD3 player. This is essentially a MBL1431 with a beefed up power supply that was further upgraded by Parts Connexion. The output stage used 4 OPA604’s and a dual output buffer using two OPA627’s (this was one part of the Parts Connexion upgrade). After sending in photos of my CD Player and consulting with Dennis at Burson I installed 4 single V6 Vivid and one Dual V6 Classic in the output buffer stage. Out of the box the results were astonishing and after about 50 hours of burn in I have to say this already good CD player is more detailed with a more open soundstage with better dynamics and ease. The detail that the CD player has gained is well worth the upgrade alone. I did not expect to hear this much of a difference. Burson’s customer service is great and everyone has been prompt and i would say this is well worth the money and beyond. I will try to inset some pictures. I have no association with Burson, I studied and looked around for discrete opamps and any combination you can think of and these are that good.
Hi Scott,
I too have had a positive experience with Burson upgrades.
I had an old Rotel RCD-991 CD Player which was easily beaten by a JLTI modded Player when I got back into purchasing some new equipment after a break around 7/8 years ago. So the Rotel sat there unused for a few years as I found it an "unlistenable P.O.S.".
Having read great reports on the Burson upgrades and then seeing a Special deal I decided to take the plunge. They replaced the OPAmps/Clock/Crystal for AUS$350, 4 1/2 year ago. The upgrades transformed the RCD-991 from the unlistenable Piece of Crap it is, to a now good sounding CD Player. In fact I put it into one of my main systems fairly recently and it comes very close to the Outstanding Unison Research CDE and Vincent CD-S8, using it's Balanced output. Amazing improvement for the money.