Which HEAD-AMP: Audeze, Burson, Marantz?

For the first time in my life I’m going to buy a headphone amplifier.
My new integrated amp will have a great Burr-Brown built-in DAC, so DAC in head-amp is not important, only its sound quality for headphones.
Right now I use Sennheiser HD 598, I really like them, but I may have better headphones in future.
Music is versatile, mostly 70’s and 80’s rock, metal, disco, synth-pop, electro, and orchestral soundtracks.
I’m thinking between Audeze Deckard, Burson Audio Soloist SL MKII and Marantz HD-DAC1.
I have no possibilty to try any head-amp, so I came here for advice - thank you!
I originally used a peach tree decco, but it just didn't have the oomph to drive my hungry Senn 650's. I ended getting a WA-6 tube head-amp from Woo Audio and what a difference. Worth looking into.
I assume you've visited HeadFi.org and Headphone.com (aka Headroom)?  A Schiit Asgard 2 is avery affordable option.  Even if purchased direct from Schiit, you have a 15 day trial period.  They were available from Amazon at one point so 30 day returns if bought there but I only see used on Amazon right now.  I use an Asgard 2 to drive Senn HD600s and AKG K550.  It has a gain switch...so low gain for the AKGs and high gain for the Senns.  Good luck in your search.  

Hello - have you purchased your headphone amp yet? I am in the same position. Have a pair of Audeze XC cans and want to buy a dedicated headphone amp.  I was thinking the Audeze Deckard would be a good match.



Schiit mjolnir 2 is fantastic, headamp gsx mk2 is great too. Marantz not so good.