BUY Bryston!!!!!

My 18yo Bryston  amp stopped  playing on the left channel , I sent it to the  Vermont repair center,with in 4 days I had it back repaired like new(no charge, they paid shipping back) Mean time I was rearranging my other components to make room for an extra T.T. I took the feet off my Bryston power supply to lower it when I reinstalled the feet I used a longer screw and screwed into the circuit board shorting out the power supply !!! I called Bryston and sent it to them ,they saw what happened when they opened the power supply,called me , and said that they were repairing the unit no charge even though I caused the problem myself !They said(Don't remove the feet any more) What great customer service !!!!!You can call them direct, they always pick up the phone and you talk to a tech  ! ONE Very good company!!   T.Y.
Bryston’s customer service is first rate.  A lightening strike just outside my house a few years back blew out two channels on my 9BSST (and just about everything else in the house that was connected to coax or ethernet).  I told Bryston what had happened and fully expected to be billed for the work.  No charge.    This amp is 16 years old now and still performs flawlessly.  Hats off to Bryston!
I love these kind of threads...  I have dealt with two brands mentioned here, Quicksilver and VTL.    Quicksilver is top notch, great products and service.   VTL, great products (when working) coupled with HORRIBLE service (always)....

I would not hesitate in buying a used Bryston after reading this thread.
My BCD-3 had a display failure a few months ago (roughly one year old). It ended up in Canada via Vermont for repairs. The diagnosis was a bad solder joint easily repairable. Instead of a repair, I inquired about swapping out the original green display for the optional blue. The response was: no problem! My CD player was gone for about a week and even with the unneeded different display, my cost was nothing except for shipping to Vermont.I have three components in my system that I'll never part with: Bryston 4B Cubed amp, Bryston BCD-3 CD player, and Herron VTPH-2A phono stage. All are stellar performers that I have full confidence in.
I'm a happy owner of a 4B ST since the late 90's. Only serviced the amp once when the speaker terminals had loosened. Communication with Vermont service was exemplary. Real people who respond promptly. Had the amp back in about ten days. They also cleaned up the amp and sent it back in a new box. You can't beat their 20-year warranty. Since then, trouble-free. The sound is very clean, neutral, non-fatiguing, and transparent. It will reveal the best (or worst) of your other electronics.

A shout out too to PS Audio, another company with great customer service. My PCA-2 Pre-amp has been trouble free for 13 years of ownership. Recently the remote went loopy. Been working with their service department on solving this. Haven't solved the problem yet but they've been extremely responsive and attentive, and we're continuing to troubleshoot; been even sending me replacement remotes free of charge.
Add Modwright to the list. Dan usually gets on the phone himself when he is in the office and recently he serviced a SWL 9.0SE preamp that I bought used and was years out of warranty and he repaired it at cost.