BUY Bryston!!!!!

My 18yo Bryston  amp stopped  playing on the left channel , I sent it to the  Vermont repair center,with in 4 days I had it back repaired like new(no charge, they paid shipping back) Mean time I was rearranging my other components to make room for an extra T.T. I took the feet off my Bryston power supply to lower it when I reinstalled the feet I used a longer screw and screwed into the circuit board shorting out the power supply !!! I called Bryston and sent it to them ,they saw what happened when they opened the power supply,called me , and said that they were repairing the unit no charge even though I caused the problem myself !They said(Don't remove the feet any more) What great customer service !!!!!You can call them direct, they always pick up the phone and you talk to a tech  ! ONE Very good company!!   T.Y.
Gotta love quality equipment and quality companies!   Their stuff is built like a tank.
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I too have had an exceptional experience having a Bryston product serviced by their Vermont facility.

A couple of years ago my Bryston CD player developed a problem with the display. Bryston repaired it by replacing the entire front panel assembly, promptly and at no cost whatsoever, even though it was about 7 years old at the time and I was not the original owner.

When I consider the purchase of an audio component, if a manufacturer has what seems to me to be a reputation for responsiveness and/or customer service that is controversial, or worse, I look elsewhere. There are always alternative manufacturers offering comparably good products for which that is not a concern. And I’d rather give my money to a manufacturer that has established an exemplary reputation in those respects even if a transaction with one having a spotty reputation would work out ok. That is a major reason why manufacturers such as Bryston, Herron, Daedalus, Pass, and VAC are or have been represented in my system.

-- Al
bryston power amps in my mobile recording rack - never fail !!!!

PS Audio however refuses to service an amp from previous owners of the PS Audio company......
Bryston is a fantastic company with awesome customer service and they have solid products. A+.
@tomic601   Regarding PS Audio, did you discuss the servicing of the amp with Paul McGowan?  I really doubt that he would decline to work on it. Just isn't how he is.
Hifiman5, my thoughts exactly.  Paul would make sure the customer was properly taken care of.  
Awesome warranty, but the sound from 4BSST2 is stellar and worth the purchase as well.
When I was making a purchasing decision, I called Bryston to discuss. Reception put me through to the president. We spoke for nearly an hour.

I bought Bryston.
Hi Terry9,

Can you describe to the best of your ability the Bryston sound? I was wondering what your thoughts are for 2 channel listening.
Add me to this list of satisfied Bryston owners. I had an almost twenty year old 3B they repaired as good as new. Sold it and the new owner transferred a little over three years left on the 20-year warranty. If I weren't so in love with tubes, I'd buy them again...
Wow, now that's enough to make me want a Bryston next time!!

Its a far cry from a company like Schiit that takes no calls on product questions and refuses to honor their own return policy. 

Thank you for the heads up. I will not forget it.
Bryston are great folks. I think it was James Tanner (Bryston VP) who hand delivered my first 3B-ST to Whitby Audio when he was driving home to Peterborough. I have bought and sold a lot of Bryston gear and it was always with full confidence that the gear would work or get easily fixed to 100% operational ability.
@firstnot Broke cheap audiophiles who buy schiit from schiit garage companies deserve all the schiit that comes their way.
Just goes to show that if you build a great product there's little to lose in offering an incredible warranty.   This kind of post is really better than any ad spot you could run, it fosters loyalty of existing customers and draws in potential new customers.   
@maguiar, I bought the 3BST and 4BST, running them with Magnepans and Martin-Logan hybrid ESL’s. They were clean and clear and easy to listen to. A little laid back - involving but not fatiguing. An amp to use and keep rather than an amp to wow and trade.

I once shorted out the outputs while under load by moving them against a bare aluminum chassis. Massive fireworks, as in arc welding, which is what I was unintentionally doing. The Bryston shut down, cooled down, and then worked fine.

They (Brystons) lacked the extreme clarity and focus of my Atmosphere amps, but they (Brystons) didn’t have issues, ever, and didn’t need adjustment, ever, and didn’t need tubes. I would still have them if I didn’t DIY my electronics these days.
we were PS audio dealers from about day one, but good idea. Paul and Intrade the ocassional email, the last about his fascination with the 787.. so sure, I will ask him....and close the loop back with you all on his response...fair enough
Add Pass Labs and Rogue Audio to having superior customer service. A word to the wise stay away from VTL.or Vacuum Tube Logic horrible customer service. I'm glad I offed my VTL amps.
As a dealer, I always found it interesting how a company backed their products--especially when I received a DOA item.  Unfortunately, as a so-called "high-end" dealer, we were stuck selling "popular" high-end products from manufacturers who were, shall we say, less devoted to customers and dealers than some others were.

Nice to hear Bryston is still a customer-focused company.  Their gear doesn't necessarily sound the best, but it is comforting for everyone in the chain to know support is there and is given proudly rather than grudgingly.

NOW, some customers are better than others, and there are end-users who are difficult to work with no matter what one does.  I "fired" about 10% of my customers every December--"I am, unfortunately, unable to meet your needs. I would like to suggest Joe over at Company X; he might be a better choice for your requirements.  Goodbye, and thanks for your past business."

Helps the dealer remain somewhat sane given their chosen profession...

One thing that really distinguishes Bryston from other companies that offer outstanding customer service is that their warranties (at least on amps) are transferrable.  Not sure how many others offer this.
Quite a number of years ago I also had to send my amp back to be fixed, and I too caused the problem.  Bryston fixed it for free and also covered return shipping.  Their generosity was off the charts!
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Add Quicksilver Audio to the list. I sent my phono preamp for a bad capacitor and it was fixed the same day it was received. There was no charge and it only cost me the shipping fee. BTW, I am not the original owner. Outstanding company!

I broke, one of the single ended RCA connectors on my 3BSST² amp. I sent it to Bryston, to see what they would say, not stating that I had broken it. Bryston called to state they would repair it at cost of parts only, no labor, again I broke it, and it was obvious that I did so. The technician never asked if I was the original owner (I am not, I am the second) and he would have absolutely covered any repair under warranty had it been a Bryston failure. Great company with fantastic components that I have enjoyed or over 30 years now.

I absolutely love my 3BSST² with BP-26 and Magnepan 3.7i speakers.   They are a wonderful combination that Mark and Eric at Audio Perfection in Minneapolis MN introduced me to many years ago.

I bought a used Bryston 3B-SST on the 'gon and it had a problem with it making a thump noise thru the speakers a few seconds after being turned off.  Called the US service number, went thru a bit of troubleshooting with the tech, and he told me it was probably a problem with the muting circuit and to send it in.  While they did not offer to pay my shipping cost, they did send the fixed amp back in a new box (the original was pretty beat up.)  Service like this makes buying used Bryston gear a no-brainer, though you do have to make sure you get the original bill of sale from the seller now.  My SST was old enough that this was not necessary.
Take back what I said... Brothers amp and he has the full email exchange saved, including where Paul does refer the amp to chief engineer who while buried in other work does offer to put somebody on it ! And to help figure out the circuit:-)

So an oldie but goodie 100 C will be headed Colorado way

for those who like the fine print of “ it not really being PS Audio” there is a company history on the PS audio website including where The name is bought back.....and certain talent stay on with the new company 

my most sincere apology 
Here is a positive statement on McIntosh's customer service. I bought a minimally used  5 year old MA-2275 but the tube cover could not be found. It was a good deal so bought anyways. Looked on line for months and could not find a replacement. Called McIntosh and while they didn't have any in stock, they agreed to make one for me. $20.00 total. Out of warranty. It was a perfect fit when arrived. I know this may not be a common occurrence with McIntosh but they treated me exceptionally well.
Bryston’s customer service is first rate.  A lightening strike just outside my house a few years back blew out two channels on my 9BSST (and just about everything else in the house that was connected to coax or ethernet).  I told Bryston what had happened and fully expected to be billed for the work.  No charge.    This amp is 16 years old now and still performs flawlessly.  Hats off to Bryston!
I love these kind of threads...  I have dealt with two brands mentioned here, Quicksilver and VTL.    Quicksilver is top notch, great products and service.   VTL, great products (when working) coupled with HORRIBLE service (always)....

I would not hesitate in buying a used Bryston after reading this thread.
My BCD-3 had a display failure a few months ago (roughly one year old). It ended up in Canada via Vermont for repairs. The diagnosis was a bad solder joint easily repairable. Instead of a repair, I inquired about swapping out the original green display for the optional blue. The response was: no problem! My CD player was gone for about a week and even with the unneeded different display, my cost was nothing except for shipping to Vermont.I have three components in my system that I'll never part with: Bryston 4B Cubed amp, Bryston BCD-3 CD player, and Herron VTPH-2A phono stage. All are stellar performers that I have full confidence in.
I'm a happy owner of a 4B ST since the late 90's. Only serviced the amp once when the speaker terminals had loosened. Communication with Vermont service was exemplary. Real people who respond promptly. Had the amp back in about ten days. They also cleaned up the amp and sent it back in a new box. You can't beat their 20-year warranty. Since then, trouble-free. The sound is very clean, neutral, non-fatiguing, and transparent. It will reveal the best (or worst) of your other electronics.

A shout out too to PS Audio, another company with great customer service. My PCA-2 Pre-amp has been trouble free for 13 years of ownership. Recently the remote went loopy. Been working with their service department on solving this. Haven't solved the problem yet but they've been extremely responsive and attentive, and we're continuing to troubleshoot; been even sending me replacement remotes free of charge.
Add Modwright to the list. Dan usually gets on the phone himself when he is in the office and recently he serviced a SWL 9.0SE preamp that I bought used and was years out of warranty and he repaired it at cost.
Good for Bryston, - I've had similar experiences with VPI, Ayre, and Vandersteen.
+1 on Bryston.  In my experience absolutely top notch service and interactions - always.

Update on my PS Audio experience: they just solved the remote-control problem by sending me--free of charge--a new remote for their Stellar Gain Cell pre-amp that works on my PCA-2. Speaks volumes that they spent so much time and effort on a customer whose product was out of warranty. Outstanding. PS Audio and Bryston are the best examples of stellar customer service. 
To the folks that are saying to add brand X to the list, let’s not get carried away. Bryston has a 20 year warranty. That’s what sets them way above any other company.

Yes your brand may have fixed something for you out of warranty, but you have no idea how many customers they refused to do that for. Bryston repairs it no questions asked up to 20 years. If your 19 year old component develops a problem, they will fix it, pay the return shipping and even give you a proper shipping box if needed. So unless your brand X has a 20 year warranty, they’re not in the same category.

And to the dealer that admitted to kissing off some of his worst customers every year, I really respect that. Some audiophile customers really are not worth dealing with and life is too short to put up with them. Kudos to you for that.
It’s great to hear all of these wonderful experiences and to be honest I’ve had several great experiences with them as well but not with their amplifiers, only with their digital products. I had a pair of 7B SST2’s where one amplifiers bias went off and the amp would get very hot - to extreme temperatures, sent them both back and they were repaired under my 20 year warranty and shipped back for free. One was always running hotter than the other so not sure how they would say they were actually matched as monoblocks but oh well.... then bought 28B SST2’s and they made a loud buzzing noise, sent them back and the ground trace on the input boards on both amplifiers had been wiped out. They said that it was because I used a 2 prong plug - I don’t have a 2 prong plug! Also, Bryston amps sound unnerving when you cycle them on, a loud transformer buzz that sounds like you are firing up Frankenstein for the first time comes from them. Spoke to James Tanner about my issues and found him arrogant to deal with, uninterested in my problems even though I have spent over $40,000 on their products. Went to the dealer I bought the amps from and they had dropped Bryston, went to the last remaining dealer in my city and they just dropped them as well. Both sited that James was terrible to deal with. My city has had Bryston representation since I got into audio as a teen back in the early 80’s - not any longer. Bryston amps also have that veiled, not as open sonic signature that sounds syrupy, I thought by reading the reviews that the 28’s would solve this but they all sound the same. Not bad but not the best solid state that the reviewers claim them to be. Not even close. A look inside them shows few innovations except for newer technology components compared to other manufacturers selling for the same price. Would never buy an analog component from them again, just my 2 cents...
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Like everyone else here, with the exception of gnaudio, I have nothing but good to say about Bryston, their products and service.

Many years ago sent in my 10 year old B3 to have the ON switch repaired. Within about 10 days, Bryston returned the amp with a new switch installed and a list of other services performed on the amp - all at no charge. Also a note stating that there was still 10 years of warranty remaining.

When the Rt. channel went out on my 6 year old Krell, I got no such service from them. Even though I wasn't expecting, or asking for warranty, Krell's customer, non-service, informed me that they were no longer doing service to their out of production models, but would be most happy to refer me to a dealer who would sell me one of their new models.
I ended up sending it to a high-end audio repair shop for expensive repairs
Most happy with Bryston, not so much with Krell.....Jim