Buying my first 1080p,second projector

I have a 720p , but I want a better quality image , bluerays, and a full 120 inch 16x9 format.
i was going to get the well regarded Benq 1075 , but I don't want to do the ceiling mount, wires running along the ceiling , walls etc. there is no way to hide in walls and ceiling.
 The way I have my projector now is optimal , it sits on a shelf about five feet up, and when I want to watch a movie , I plug in the wires. This is only for movies, games, as I have a plasma behind the pull down screen . The book shelf stands 15 feet from the screen. The 1075 will not work.
i think a refurbished Epson 8350 would work from that distance. So I guess I need a long throw. 
It must be able to fill a 120 inch 16x9 screen.  3d would be nice , but not absolute. Thoughts on projectors please?    I have a 100 inch 4:3 now in place.
 Thanks, Todd
AVS forum has tons of projector reviews and user reviews.
JVC are well know for inky blacks.
I'm going to ceiling mount a Benq 1075.
i will have the Homegear 120 electric screen . 
Very very impressed with the beautiful picture the Benq 1075 puts out!!
The Homegear 120 inch electric has been working to perfection. What a fantastic value for $110 shipped. I bought a second subwoofer , a Polk 10 inch to go with my Pioneer 8inch, but I have not hooked up the second sub yet. I am hoping this will be my home theater system for many years.
would never move from my JVC till I go satisfactory, more price friendly 4K option!  Black level too good and smooth quality image!  
Tried lots of other LCD and DLP options over the years. JVC does it right for modest screen sizes with their consumer line!  excellent!