how long to wait for 1080p plasma?

Anyone know when we can expect the Panasonic line of plasmas to have 1080p? The 65 incher, which has it now, is probably out of my price range. I was thinking the 58-incher. Anyone know when the the new models will be out? Thanks. -Dave
My dad just purchased the Panasonic 58 plasma, it looks really great....1080p if and when it comes out in that size will for one thing be pretty expensive but should also bring the 58' 720p displays down in price.
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Panasonic already produces a 50" 1080p in their industrial model. June or July the consumer models will be released.
Thanks Yohjo. Does the 58 inch industrial model have 1080p? If so, how does it compare in terms of picture quality to the consumer model? I'll be using it as a monitor only in the HT setup. I just need inputs for satellite box, dvd player, and I guess a VCR. -Dave
is anybody broadcasting 1080? by the the time it's widely avail, you'll be on to your next screen!

1080p is the ticket for blue ray and hd-dvd. I have the Ruby. Sure it's a projector, but like many, I run the TWC 8300 that has the hdmi-out. PQ is quite excellent. Much SD material looks so close to HD--Of course stations vary--(Some HD ain't as good as we would want) However HD-DVD is splendid.
Here is the Panasonic site No 58 inch. appears to be a good source. I am on my second panasonic plasma, the first generation commercial and a one and a half year old consumer version. The picture quality on the commercial version is reportedly better than the consumer but who do you believe? Personally I am waiting for the consumer version to come out because I can buy it locally. Although I did by the first gen online, from a real store, and when I had a problem the seller, from New York, provided better service than I have had locally in California. Turned out the problem was the outlet in "this old house" was not grounded.
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Hmm this is good to know.... I am in the market for my first Plasma TV within the next few months. Infact I almost bought a 50" Panasonic yesterday...... Anyway, I do plan on going with a Blue Ray player, so I guess I better be looking for a 1080i Plasma TV. If I buy the house I am currently looking at, its room is 14'X 18'so I guess I could go with a decent size plasma. I was considering the 42 or 50 inch Panasonic. Will that be fine?

You plan to go with Blu-ray, but are looking to buy a 1080i rather than 1080p monitor. This doesn't seem to make sense, given the reason for Blu-ray is the higher resolution 1080p.

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Sorry I am new to Plasma and the offerings of these TV's.. I guess I do not know the difference between 1080i and 1080p.. All I know is I want to be able to play Blue Ray and such to the best of its ability.. so I do not want to buy the wrong equipment.
dc is smack on. By the time Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, 1080i vs 1080p shakes out Canon and Toshiba will be launching SET technology. From what I understand SET is raising the bar significantly. I've got one plasma and I love it, but before I make my next purchase I'm holding out for SET.
I'm not so sure SET is the answer. From what I hear, they will be focusing on the professional community with the initial offerings and it will probably take years before trickling down to consumers. On the other hand, there is already development going on for 1440 displays, so it will be another "age of uncertainty". Only this time for video instead of audio.

In terms of all this resolution hysteria, the question I have is just how close do you really want to sit to your TV? The difference between 1080p and 720p on a 50" screen can only be seen at a distance of about 6 feet or so. Past that distance things like black levels, color saturation and response time are more important to picture quality than resolution.
I have last years Pioneer 50"
which is 1080i not p
I use an upsampling dvd player and get good results
how much more is gained with the newer 1080p resolution?
The new Toshiba XA2 has higher resolution than the earlier A1 or XA1 or A2 ---So, like the mommy tomato said to her baby whom was lagging behind--"Catsup".--(with technology)