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Dear community,

I own an AMC CD9 and an AMC CVT3030 amp. Both have been modified and sound waaay much better than the original.
As speakers I have KEF Q70, which I believe are right now the weak part of the system and for which I am looking for an appropriate upgrade.

In principle I would like to hear a punchier, clearer bass and a more spatial sound in general.

According to my previous dealer (in Vienna, Austria - now I live in CA) for the AMC amp with ca. 2 x 30 Watt power the speakers should have between 89 and 92db sensitivity while the low frequencies impedance should not be lower than 4Ohm.

With this said, I am now looking for second hand speakers and a budget which should not exceed $2k.

What would you suggest?

Thanks a lot!


The KEF Q70 is within the parameters you list for speakers, and IMHO, is likely to have punchier bass and a more spatial sound if it had more power than the amp you are using. I would be looking for a more tube friendly speaker to use with a 30 watt amp, one with a higher sensitivity, and at least 8 ohm.
Curious about the mod on your CD9. I have a stock CD9 with Jeff Rowland integrated and Dynaudio Confidence C1 Signatures. Quite happy with the sound but could feel more detail from the CD9.

What type of mod did you do and how did it change the sonics?

Second high sensitivity speaker, 90db or above, preferably 92db or better with 8 Ohm Impedance.
Hi Yashu,

If I rememebr properly, the CD has an additional filter on the supply (a couple large elkos right after the trasformer)plus the original quartz was substituted by a whole module. There might still be something else done.
Anyway, the sound became way more detailed and dynamic than before - I could not believe it when I herad it the first time.


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I believe Sounasega was asking for speaker ideas rather than a path to follow.

Wilsons are generally tube friendly and punchy, but difficult to find under $2k. Maybe if you could extend the budget you could find a Sophia 1. Still I would urge you to listen to one, even if a Sophia 3 at a dealer's, to make sure the Wilson sound suits you.

Another option could be Reference 3A Grand Veenas.
Also look into JBL product lines. They have high end / high efficiency speakers.

Sorry, as you can see I don't have much info regarding the pointed question, but trying to help. Hopefully others will chime in with better insight.

Let us know what you decide to do.
Also think about Audience ClairAudient 2+2s. They run nicely with 25W and are wonderful speakers.
Hi Yashu,

That was in Vienna, Austria. A bit too far away from US...
Also I don't remember the price exactly, it was a few hundred euros I believe.


Thanks a lot Lewinskih01

I'll do more research based on your suggestions.
Mostly I will look into second hand gear so I hope I can stay within the $2k budget.


If you like KEF's, give Tannoys a listen. Something in a 10"-12" Dual Concentric will do nicely. To save money, I built my own, using drivers bought on Ebay UK.

With a 9Wpc SET 300B amp, I'm getting great performance on any type of music, in a large room (I don't listen to bass-heavy synth music, though).

Tannoy DC drivers have gotten a bit pricey lately, but I can't recommend highly enough.

Best of luck,
Has anyone heard anything from Silverline?
Something like this seems in line with the previous suggestions: