buzzing noise on the Rotel 1067 please help..

I have purchased a Rotel 1067 7.1 channel surround from a fellow member here. The machine is amazing and practically new. The problem is that there is a buzzing noise coming from all of the speakers all the time. At the beginning I thought it was the ground issue. I have try using a different outlet, unplug everything except the speaker wires, using different ground wire set up and it was still there. I finally connected my Sony 5.1 100w per channel inexpensive receiver from Circuit City with the same exact set up and there was no noise at all. I took it to a famous dealer here in New York City and they set it up the way it should and was still making that constant zzzzzzzz noise( sound like a high current wire), they even took a new one out of the box and it was doing the same thing.
The tech guy at the dealer said that the noise was too excessive but no one has ever complaint about it. Called up Rotel and the tech guy there said it was suppose to be like that.
I am a concert cellist so I am very sensitive to buzzing noises but for a $2000 machine I think it would be less noisy than my $300 Sony right? The buzzing noise is loud enough from the 5 speakers that it gets on my nerve when I am trying to watch a movie or listen to music.
Does anyone out there has the similar problem?
I feel your pain. I have had this problem also but not with Rotel. It may be that your speakers have a very high sensitivity rating like 93 db vs. say 88 db. This will show up any electronic haze or flaw. I have a Sherwood Newcastle receiver that is dead quiet but when i hooked up a power amp i got the same buzz. I wish i was of more help but you may want to try a sheilded speaker wire. You may also talk to Rotel and let them try the unit with high sensitivity and let them know how unhappy you are with this product. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Good luck
Not with Rotel, I had a popping noise when switching signals on my 1068, my speakers were 98 db efficient and I asked Rotel to look at it......they had it for 2 weeks and claimed they hooked it up to very efficient speakers with no issue.......long story short I got new speakers that are only 90db and the popping ofcourse was Rotel did nothing wrong except not be honest about running the unit on more efficient speakers...just a heads up.
I have an Adcom 5500 and a 5503. both hum. my Carver mtf 45 never hummed.the problem is a gound loop. Easy fix. the Adcom's come with a three prong plug. I used a 3 into 2 prong adaptor and all is well. the three prongs are bad news. You do HAVE to use a good surge protector though. Plug the now two prongs in to surge protector. I hope this helps.
PS No surge protector with filters helped this problem for me.
Disconnect the composit cable to the tv/projecter after you have made all your adjustments. I own a Rotel 1066 pre/pro, and it buzzes over all channels when the multichannel input is selected and the tv is on.

By carefully laying out all the interlinks at the back of the machine, as well as the powercables, the hum audibly decreased, but it was still there. Disconnecting the cable made it go away. My system is made up of Paradigm Studio series V2 (studio 100 as fronts, studio 40 in back and CC for center).