Bybee IQSE on top of SR T Base UEF

Just wanted to see if anyone else has tried this ?  Face 2 of them down on either side of the base near the rear... to me it was like they were made for each other... 
Very effective pairing IMHO.
OP  Please explain what all of the initials mean in the thread title.  I have no idea what you are talking about.  Thanks!
I've only used the Bybee IQSE.
I only have three that I've experminted with but currently, have all three in my circuit-breaker box.

Hifiman5, I believe the initials you asked about are products that Synergistic Research produces.
Synergistic Research Tranquility Base. A very interesting observation by Hotrodaudio of combining two different approaches to improving the quality of the Audio signal.
There has been one published review of Stein Audio room treatments working well with the Bybee  room treatment products, so there is at least one observation point of Bybee products interfacing with another company's product in a positive way.

I use the Synergistic Research  Tranquility Bases under my audio components and find them to be very beneficial in improving the sound.

David Pritchard
The SteinMusic Harmonizer incorporates at least one crystal, a resonator, as does the new Bybee thingamabob. Gee, could there be a connection? 😳

Note to self: Gosh, have crystals finally gone mainstream?
There has been one published review of Stein Audio room treatments working well with the Bybee room treatment products, so there is at least one observation point of Bybee products interfacing with another company's product in a positive way.
@davidpritchard , I own a Bybee Stealth power conditioner with Dark Matter options 1&2. This is an example of Bybee products working synergestically with Wave Stabilizers from High Fidelity Cables and  Pulse Gen ZX from Audio Magic.

I am sure that Bybee products work well with many other "tweaks" as well.

Does anyone know for sure if the Bybee IQSE advertised (see below) on sale for $119 is the same one others are selling for $149?



yes the same product.                                                                             When ordering these type of products also consider if you need a 30 day trial with return possibility. TheTweek Geek does have allow returns. I am not sure about parts connection .Best to verify before ordering. I tried the IQSE and did hear a change. Nice effect on a portable Mojo  headphone amp. I did not like the change in several other areas the IQSE was tried.

Returning the not needed IQSE to Tweek Geek was straight forward.

David Pritchard



Below find an Excerpt from the Dagogo review of the new Jack Bybee product. The reason I’m posting this is to point out that not only does the author make excellent points regarding new technologies but that in some cases the explanations for them were provided a long time ago but were either overlooked or dismissed. In the case of crystals in general I wrote the definitive atomic physics explanation for how crystals work about 15 years ago at the time my comprehensive suite of crystal based products, Brilliant Pebbles, was introduced to wary audiophiles. As I said previously, Jack Bybee got a hold of one of my Mikro Brilliant Pebbles for interconnects wall outlets, speaker connectors, etc. from me or from John Curl about 12 years ago. I also detected he uses the same name for one of his products that I have been using for five years for one of my products, Dark Matter. Coincidence? That was the name of my invisible light absorber for CD players introduced about the same five years ago. Coincidence? Ditto the name Tweek Geek uses for its new product - apparently developed in conjunction with, uh, Jack Bybee - Sonic Tonic. My Sonic Tonic is an anti static spray I introduced five years ago. Coincidence? 

Excerpt from Dagogo review of Jack Bybee’s new product:

"Bybee Technologies Room Neutralizers improve listening at a frontier where no cable technology, power conditioner or conventional room treatment can go. Amazing technologies and noteworthy innovations are being introduced to our hobby at a surprising pace. It’s unfortunate that imprecise or counterintuitive descriptions can serve to slow or block acceptance of such audio breakthroughs. Inertia, secrecy, little sympathy from the mainstream audio press, and outright hostility from dogmatic quarters slow their widespread

And sadly, in our intensely competitive global marketplace, competent detailed explanations of proprietary design concepts place them in jeopardy of imitation, reverse engineering or theft, patented or not. Commercial stealth contributes to the aura of black box mystery, hustle and voodoo. Not to mention that some of these advanced ideas remain classified secrets: “I can sell it to you, but if I explain how it works I’ll have to kill you.”

Unfortunately, this leaves inventors of effective new technologies vulnerable to critics asserting that tweaks enhance only the wallets of their purveyors, are frauds that cannot be explained with technical precision, or might actually induce distortion in otherwise well-designed components. Yet I note that such dissenters rarely actually test the validity of the claims they dispute with direct observation of their own. And, frankly, most of us don’t exactly understand how our cars, cell phones, computers or medicines work, but we appreciate their enhancements to our daily lives."

cheers, Geoff Kait
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