C-J Pre/Amps Special Edition Enjoy the Music.com

Hi Everyone @ Echo Loft,

Enjoy the Music.com presents our tribute to conrad-johnson's 30th anniversary within the March edition of Superior Audio. Highlights include a company background, special factory tour with photos plus reviews of c-j's CA200 control amplifier, CT6 preamplifier, MV60 stereo amplifier, and Premier 17LS preamplifier.

The March edition of our Review Magazine is jam packed with articles including Traveling Tunes, AA Chapter 89 and The Nearfield. New equipment reviews consist of the Aperion Audio Intimus 632-LR & 634-VAC, Lowther America Alerion and AV123 Rocket Strata Mini loudspeakers. Also featured are the Onix (Melody) SP3 integrated tube amplifier, Decorating For Music Part III, plus Oppo Digital DV971H, DV970HD and DV981HD digital disc players.

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Enjoy the Music.com's Industry News page is updated every weekday and now includes Exposure 3010S series, rbh Sound T-30LSE, Tacet DVD-Audio, Naim SUPERNAIT, Digital radio, HD DVD & Blu-ray RIPPER... plus much more!

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Steven R. Rochlin
Editor, Enjoy the Music.com
Agree 100% Unsound. Mr. Rochlin, you have a grand total of three contributions posted to Audiogon, and all three amount to nothing less -- and nothing more, I might add -- than apropos-of-nothing, substance-free solicitations to click on links to your webzine. This isn't what the Audiogon forums are for, however selfless a public service you may feel it to be. If you'd like to really participate around here, please be our guest, but if this is all you have for us, thanks but we're capable of finding your work on our own if we want without the handy breadcrumb trail.