C-Marc Entropic Process Power Cable

Has anyone tried this new(er) product from LessLoss? I am a big Louis Motek fan, but this version of the C-Marc is significantly more expensive than the original (although very reasonable in high end PC terms). Six Moons gave it a rave -- to the extent one can ever understand what they are saying. Neal
Yes however remember this one uses Entropic Process. The inexorable path the universe is on to a state of uniform randomness and disorder. Just what you want in a power cord. If it costs a lot, it just goes to show how much hard work and research it takes to keep coming up with cool tech sounding new names.
nglazer...was the previous post helpful...???I have one of Mr. Moteks' C-MARC 'Entropic' pcs and use it on my Lumin X1. Mr. Motek will tell you that your digital gear is the best place to use his pc.It is superb on my Lumin and bettered a pc many times more expensive. The improvement was almost immediate as this is the story line of the Entropic cord. Hopes this helps. If you live in the states..Constantin...at Altier 13 audio will possibly allow you to demo one..dave
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I am using C Mar power cable on my Aurender streamer. I can say it performs really well on digital source versus other power cords