C2300 preamp

I have a problem which many would like to have, I guess. I recently purchased a new C2300 and had it for sale due to spousal effect. lol
I haven't opened the box yet figuring it would be worth more to someone who is assured that it was in fact new and unopened. Well, turns out I will be able to keep it if I'd like. But my question. I have an MC 2105 amp and can not upgrade to any higher wattages in the foreseeable future. Am I going to notice a difference between my current C32 and the tubed C2300.
I know it's subjective, but would it be worth my listening pleasure to hook the 2300 up to my 2105? Don't abuse my ignorance to much as I am new into this McIntosh stuff. But what I listen to so far CD and vinyl, it certainly sounds great. Thanks for any advise or opinions which any of you may have.
I would keep the 2300. It has received very good reviews and is newer technology and has the latest McIntosh designs. And you own it. Sell the
32 and buy your wife a thank you gift.
Yes, keep your C2300 - a very fine, repsected tube preamp. Sell the C32 and by your forgiving wife a MC452 amp.
I agree that the 2300 is way better than the C32, though it is also way better than the MC2105, and you won't get all the benefits of an expensive preamp upgrade. If you keep the amp, I would at least send it to McIntosh for a refurb/upgrade and replace those 40 year old caps.
take it back to your dealer and exchange it for a
McIntosh MA6600 integrated. You will get a better deal overall.
Agree with all above, it's a keeper for sure and yes It makes a huge difference over the C32 in sound quality. It's like comparing between Ferrari 308 to the 458 Italia.
First, keep the 2300.

Second, replace the stock 12AX7 tubes with Tesla E83CC's or Psvane T2. These tubes (especially the Tesla) take the 2300 to new heights.