CA: Audio club in san diego area?

Does anybody know of any audio clubs in the san diego area?
I am new to the area and would like to meet some like minds

That sounds fun. I am also from the SD area. Is the club open for anyone? Any fee? I have some background in web development in case you guys need a website.

The San Diego Music and Audio Guild is still meeting, usually the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Stereo Unlimited. Meeting dates and venues sometimes change to meet the requirements of our guest speakers. We charge $3 at the door which pays for the refreshments and builds up the funds for the annual Christmas party. To get on the mailing/e-mail list just attend a meeting and sign up.
The San Diego Music and Audio Guild is still going strong. The main meeting place is now the North Clairemont Recreation Center, though we only meet there about half the time. This month's meeting was held at a manufacturer's home in North County. The venue for the April meeting has not been anounced yet.

To get on the e-mail list you need to attend a meeting. Send me a PM in April and I should be able to forward details of the April meeting to you.
Juniperlater: yes, the club still meets, regularly, monthly, often at Stereo Unlimited. I don't have the information on the next meeting. Someone may post it here, or you might try phoning Stereo Unlimited.