Cable Basics

I have finished my equiptment upgrade and must adress the cable mess. What do you feel are the most important factors regarding cable instalation? Let us asume that I have quality cables. Thank you for your opinion!
Not sure exactly what you are asking here. But the first assumption I make of your question is, organizing cable runs for best EMI and RFI resistance. I use velcro ties and try to keep the analog and digital from running parallel for more than absolutly necessary. I try to keep all cords grouped together. I also find that tucking the excess cable under the source component rather than coiling. Bottom line it is still a mess but somewhat organized. In a perfect world all manufactures would have the power plug on the same side and all the input and output connections in the same location, but I swear these people have never met!
I use Sonoran Plateau cables from They have a steel micro-bead insulation that I've found shields everything. I can lay all of the cables, speaker wires and power cords along side, laying on top of, or any other way and they sound the same. That has taken care of how I string the cables problem.

They also sound like nothing, not adding a thing to the signal. They've sounded this way through three complete system upgrades.