Cable comparison

Ever notice that when the $1 no reserve auctions are posted by vendors it is 90%+ cables of some sort. Does that indicate that the markup on cable is the highest of all audio items and the vendor takes less of a hit by selling it at a low bid price?
You may be right but it's a pretty common business strategy to get by on very low markup on the principal commodity and make money on the peripherals.

Kodak did it with cameras, selling them cheap and making money on the film and processing. Car dealers will take a tiny profit on the car if necessary and then sell wildly overpriced add-ons like undercoating and extended warranties, not to mention the finance and regular service charges. You can get an ink-jet printer for practically nothing because the manufacturer knows you'll be back within a couple of months for ink cartridges that cost more than the 'retail' price of the printer.

At least with cables it's up to you whether the markup is worth it to you or not.