cable connector cleaner/contact enhancer

What, if anything, do you use to clean/condition all of your power cable plugs, spades/bananas/interconnect jacks?

I have found that the following in some capacity achieves "cleaning".

(1) I use bare speaker wire. Perhaps once a year or so I will clip off the ends and create newly unshielded ends.

(2) in the case of rca or xlr, simply unplug and replug the connector. the "re-seating" tends to be desirable every so often, albeit infrequently.

(3) rubbing alcohol if some foreign matter is visible on the connector

I spray deoxit D5 from time to time over the bare speaker wire ends on amp side and on speaker side.

I've gone through a couple bottles of Kontak over the years.  Like it, works great, but is just too expensive.  Caig DeOxit D5 cleans just as well at a fraction of the cost.  Alcohol can be used (although the D5 is far more effective), but stay away from rubbing alcohol which typically contains lanolin and/or other skin softeners that will leave a film.  Use a 95% or higher purity isopropyl alcohol instead.

bcowen, I agree with you on the rubbing alcohol. I mentioned "rubbing" alcohol previously but yes I too look or isopropyl or a high purity alcohol. Everclear is a pretty good choice :)

Use Kontak here. But my research led me to believe that the lack of residue, over time would be worth it. 
Thanks all for weighing in.  It seems that most of your comments are in favor of cleaning contacts as opposed to conditioning.  I think that is the best way to go.  The less product between connectors the better.

Be advised the cleaning of all outlets in the abode is important, even the non audio ones. They all feed back into the audio system. Dirty or oxidized surfaces can produces micro arcing that generates noise.


I haven't gone to the length of cleaning all the outlets in the house, but I did get a nice improvement with just the outlets on the same breaker circuit as the audio system.  Rather than cleaning them though, I replaced the non-system outlets with spec-grade outlets, and the difference was quite noticeable.  Not sure if it was due to dirt/oxidation, or due to the crappy contractor-grade outlets with the Romex shoved into the spring clip terminals in the back.  I stripped down to fresh Romex and tightly wrapped the wire around the screw terminals of the new outlets as it SHOULD be done.  I attributed the improvement to the fresh copper and proper mechanical fastening, but dirt and resultant arcing certainly could have been a factor as well.  Took a little time, but didn't cost much and the result was well worth it.
I use Deoxit G5 and D5 also. I recently tried Oyaide cleaning sticks. Incredible the dirt they can collect on connections you thought were "clean".
Their size allow them to clean the inside of IEC. After that I finish with Deoxit.
I heard Acoustic Revive build a contact cleaner (or  contact enhancer ?) that is awfully expensive. Does someone tried it ?