Cable elevators

Hi fellow AG'rs. I seeking advice regarding recommendations for flat/ribbon cable supports. i.e (for Nordost flat speaker cables). Any recommendations? Thanks for your responses in advance.
I want some so I can remove some slack from my speaker binding posts from these heavy Audioquest wel cables.
@maxboy00 ,  thank you for sharing your experience with elevators. That's what good friends for, they do keep it real :-)

IMO, tweaks are very much components or system dependent and above all user ability to discern any improvements - good or bad. 

From my experience, carpets is the worst kind of flooring as they causes static interference which leads to signal degradation. Plus elevators keep your cables in pristine shape and in some cases enhances the overall look of your rig.  

Funny this should appear today. I just finished building my own this morning. Have gone the toilet paper route, but whole roll, not just tube. One of the best isolation there is. But looks weird. So I bought enough length of maple 1 x 2s, had them cut 6" and 3" length and crazy gel glued them in T form, strung my cables, now 7" off carpet, put 1 1/4" maple edge grain cutting board under each speaker. An injection of fluidity and liveliness, slighter brightness and warmth, and most of all the incredible new solidity and bass depth was stunning. This all cost $23 for the wood from Home Depot and $45 apiece for the cutting boards from Amazon. Most elevators commercially sold charge $100  that for just 1 to 3 elevators. I got 16 from my $23... You should get them off the floor whether carpet, cement or wood. Free from static and electromagnetic field. The difference was akin to a $10,000 upgrade.
Don't forget to put a pyramid on top of your CD player to funnel the energy of the universe into it ; )

My pyramid has crystals in it from a meteor recovered at a depth of 420 feet.

Does anyone ever wonder why the top studios in the world, that record the artists/material we all love so much never use such "black magic" devices?