Cable elevators

My Saturday hifi tweaking involved digging out the family’s box of wooden building blocks and using them to elevate my speaker cables off the floor. Previously under an area carpet on a wood floor. Mc 601s to SF Amati with Wireworld speaker cables (to be replaced with Cardas). 

The result—mind you the system is playing really well right now thanks to my new Cardas interconnects—is greater clarity (I think), sound stage, and texture. This is definitely about wringing out the last ounce of the system and maybe I’m imagining the improvement. I don’t think I’d spend any money on buying risers, but what the hell why not use the old building block. Looks dopey and the family laughs at me, but dang does the system sound amazing.

Anyone else play with risers/elevators?


Re: milpai (I have carpet in the listening room. During winters if I have to switch OFF the preamp and amp, I have to first touch the walls and then touch the equipment. Too much static with the carpet.) Back in the day when I was managing an audio-video facility we would kill the static by spritzing the carpet with fabric softener from a spray bottle. It killed the static and left the studio smelling springtime fresh.

The last two times I relocated my system (since 2020, due to the pandemic), I was lazy and didn't bother with installing the cable risers I had for several months.  Both times (once on carpet and once on wood floors) I was bowled over by the magnitude of the improvement and chastised myself for being so stupid and waiting so long.  Sonically, before risers I was hearing the players in my room.  After risers, i was going to their room.  My system is pretty resolving, ARC and Martin-Logan CLXs.  I use a combination of two versions of SR risers and the Audioquest FogLifters to get different heights of my signal and power cables.  I count ~48 risers in my system right now.

@docknow    Wow.  I have ARC Ref6 and CD8 as well as CLXs too.

But no cable risers.

Sounds great.

I have no dog in this fight.  But I do find it interesting that the gentleman who listens to every piece of ARC gear prior to it leaving the factory uses cable risers in the factory listening room.

Fremer has a video on YT which is a tour of the ARC factory and they discuss this.

And @clearthinker the ARC listening room uses a Ref6 as their reference (sort of apropos).  I too am fortunate to have a Ref6 in my system.



I think along the lines of malpai about static electricity ,

also 51514brad said the more you lift the cable off the floor the less capacitance was measured , I remember Maple Shade recommending cables be at least 8" of the floor .  

I don't think or can't hear a difference but since I got my Cardas blocks for less than 1/2 price delivered so I gave them a try ., tweeks don't always show their advantage all the time , maybe only on certain notes or sounds or maybe under only certain weather conditions .