Cable for Hifi Man Sundaras

I just received these headphones after much research.  I have read that the weak point sonically of this purchase is the stock cable. I haven't had them long enough to make that judgement. However I do know that the cable that is included is really quite short. I am open to suggestions for a replacement cable from those who have these phones. I will need it to be 8 feet or so. With that in mind go easy easy on the price. Thanks.
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I recently got a 20-foot Black Dragon cable for my Susvaras, from Moon Audio. I can't really compare cables very well, but this sounds pretty good to me, and they're pretty reasonably priced...
I purchased a 20 foot XLR headphone cable from Audio Art -- I selected their premium version.  Sounds great -- definitely better than the stock cable that came with my Audeze LCD-X phones.