Cable Queries

I need any advice I can get on cables. I am putting together a den system. Jolida 202, Mission 731i's and a Audio by Design modified Sony ES cd player (tube conversion with tube regulated outboard power supply) that is coming from my Celestion SL600/Beard Audio/VPI HW-19 main system. I am considering buying MIT or Kimber interconnects and speaker wires from AudioAdvisor (always on sale!). Any timely advice would be appreciated. Amp will be here this week. I listen to everything, although female vocals/strings will be focus. Please Help.
I've had years of experience with MIT and Kimber cables, and have recently changed to Stealth--see descriptions at They come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, and they are WORLDS better than MIT or Kimber. Ask for specific recommendations for your system.
Hi, I like my MIT cables,I use the MIT 330 plus series II (1 meter) from Camelot Technologies Arthur V 3.0 DAC to McCormack TLC-1 Deluxe passive preamp and also MIT 330 plus series II (2 meter) from preamp to McCormack DNA-2 power amp. I also like the kimber illuminations D60 digital cable which I use 2 one from cd transport to Genesis digital lens and one from lens to DAC. I also like the MIT MH-750 CVT Terminator Series II speaker cables used with my Polk RT20P speakers and like the kimber powerkord-330 w/wattagate plug to digital lens which really upgraded the lens sound quality.I use MIT Z-cord II H/S (hubble plug/schurter IEC plug) powercords to preamp and DAC.The soundstage and bass extension is incredible with MIT cables and highs very good without digital harshness (passive preamp and McCormack amp have very good highs).I had been using MIT Terminator 4 interconnects and Terminator 5 speaker cables with good results and much less exspensive.Audio Advisor has great deals on MIT check it out I think you be happy with MIT.(let me know what you choose and results) Good Luck.
I like MIT also, but it's all very system dependant. That said, the MIT Terminator 3 speaker cables Audio Advisor has for $65 can't be beat with a Louisville Slugger! I even think they are beating a pricier Kimber cable of mine, but haven't made the final decision on that yet. Anyway, cables and room treatments are what you tune a system with, so good luck!
Please note that in many cases Audio Advisor makes the cables you purchase from them, i.e., the cut off the appropriate length of bulk cable and terminate them themselves. Their termination may not be equal to factory termination - it wasn't in my case and I returned them. This would not be the case with the MIT cables, but if you purchase any other cables, ask in advance.