Cable Query

I've no clue about this so thought to toss it to you folks.

I'm wanting to send a low-level analog audio signal from a sat Rx to a set of rear, active monitors. Cable length is inside of 50 ft. The monitors accept XLR, TS and TRS. The Rx outputs RCA. System in inside of a small listening/recording room.

What connection would be best at the monitors?

It's hard to say, as there are many unpredictable variables involved. But my instinct would be to go with the unbalanced TS inputs, since the signal source is unbalanced, while the XLR and TRS inputs are presumably balanced.

Also, I would expect that a TS connection would be physically more secure (i.e., less likely to be disturbed by jostling of the cable) than a TRS connection, although both are inferior in that respect to XLR.

You may also want to consider the possibility of using a balanced cable in conjunction with a Jensen transformer, and connecting via XLR. See this paper. If you want to consider that possibility, which would greatly reduce the chances of having hum or noise problems, I'm sure that a phone call to them would be very helpful.

Finally, for that long a run you will want to select a cable having very low capacitance, ideally in the area of 15 pf/foot or less. How critical that is, though, is dependent on the output impedance of the satellite receiver.

-- Al