Cable suggestions for Sim Audio

I would like to know if anyone has tried different cables with Sim gear and what sounds best. Thanks
I have heard the W5 with Siltech cables, and it sounded great. I don't know the models. If you want to try something warmer, I would suggest Cardas Golden Cross. There are a couple for sale today. Also Cardas Cross is a very good speaker cable, that is more affordable,very quiet,great bass and not at all bright. I used this combination with a Krell amp and Aeriel Acoustic speakers, and I think it did a great job of warming up the system,without overdoing it, and still allowing it to shine.
Investigate STEALTH cables They are without a doubt some of the best products in their respective price range. Sergui will let you audition cross wrapped silver and cross wrapped copper and allow you time to determine what you like best.These two models in particular I find absolutely a" cost no object"best.
The SimAudio sales team recently did a demonstration tour playing the top SimAudio line of CD, Pre and power to show off the Evidence by Dynaudio speakers. They chose Kimber cable for all connections . There were mixed reviews about the Evidence speakers but the same equipment playing the Contour 1.8 sounded very very good. There is a relationship between SimAudio and Dynaudio but I believe they chose Kimber based on its match with thier equipment. cheers steve
I owned the Sim P5 for about a year and my experience is that Sim gear can sound a little too cool. I suggest copper and a warm sounding copper cable at that. The Cardas line would probably be your best bet. I have also noted that they seem to sound better when run in balanced mode, probably due to the "TRUE" balanced design of the Sim gear. Regards, Mike
I'm using Cardas Cross speaker cables, JPS Labs Superconductor+ interconnects and a JPS Labs Power AC for my Moon I-5. With all the combination of cables that I've tried in the past, the JPS/Cardas combination was the most natural sounding in my system but these cables were also dependent on my cd player and speakers so YMMV.
Hi Chipster, I don't have a clue what cable sounds best with the Sim gear as I have never heard it. Mikeam has given you some advice and I have learned Mikeam knows what he is talking about. Mikeam will not steer you wrong.