Cable upgrade

I was contemplating a cable change as I recently purchased new speakers, Focal Sopra 1’s. I am running McIntosh MC275’s (mono-blocked). I currently have Goertz MI 2 Veracity cables. I wonder if anyone has experience with Nordost Frey2’s in a similar type system, i.e. tube amps? As the Goertz’s are also of a ’flat wire’ build type, they might be somewhat analogous and carry similar characteristics, with the Nordost doing so at a higher level?

I made a huge jump in speaker capabilities and wonder if I should also upgrade to a higher-level speaker cable also. The dealer listened to my system after we set the speakers, and he stated knowing what he knows about the Focal’s, he felt I was leaving something on the table as to the highs with my current cables. He felt the highs sounded ’ truncated’ and not as open/airy. Yes, I know he’s probably trying to upsell, but he’s been pretty honest in my dealings with him.

I have read many threads here regarding the Frey2's, and they appear to be well liked.




Am I thinking correctly here? 

Yes you are, because you’re using your own ears, your own tastes, and your own system.  Keep going with that.  Higher price doesn’t always mean a better fit.  Sometimes less is more, especially with cables.  I’m just glad you’re happy with what you’re hearing.  Congrats!

Speakers are progressing nicely; pretty confident I am almost there. I had to reduce the toe in by a little bit and it made an improvement. When I started this, I was making changes in inches, and as I got closer it’s down to 1/4" changes which leads me to believe I am pretty much there.  After a week or 2, I will demo some upgrade cables and see if it will be worth it.  

I own Frey 2 speaker cables and I am very happy with them. Prior speaker cable was WyWires Silver Series which are wonderful cables for the money. The Frey 2’s are very revealing, and will pull things out of a recording you may have never heard. I go back and forth on amps from a Pass X250 to a Cary V12i and both amps, the Frey’s are wonderful. Speakers are Wilson W/P 6’s. Agree to get to know your new speakers first but I wouldn’t write off the Frey 2’s down the road. The Frey 2 IC’s are great too.


A lot of audio equipment will flip flop in sound quality around 120 - 180 hours. Just an fyi. After 200 hours things tend to settle down and slowly improve. Some equipment leveling out at 300 - 400 hours. My Audio research equipment reached its final state at around 1,000. Most speakers, for me stabilized by 250 hours. But I have not experience with a whole gamut of different speakers.

@tonydec good plan to let the speakers settle. If you will be auditioning speaker cables, throw the Audience AU24SX into the mix. To me, Audience cables sound better than Nordost in my system but it’s all system/rooom/personal taste dependent.