Cables by LAT International

I am considering trying some speaker cables from this company. The prices seem reasonable and the description of materials and construction sound impressive. They offer a 45 day trial period which is generous. Has anyone tried these cables and did uou like them? I am looking for a bi-wire set-up for VAC PA100 to N802 speaker and the copper and silver combo sounds interesting.
i used their biwire cable for quite sometime, and was very disappointed that i sold them. i replaced them with discovery signatures and i preferred the lat's. very good build quality and a smooth sound across the entire range. go for it!
The power cords are also excellent. They sound as good or better than brands that cost much better. I uhave used them in my system.
I can only speak for the power cords and interconnects which are both very good. The English press has been far more interested and positive about their products than the American press. I believe people are actually turned away from the product since they do not ask for a 'first child' deposit to own any of the product line.

I've found an excellent purchase source to be in Portland,OR. Not familiar with the same 45 day return policy but you can bring it up. They are up front guys.
I am using their SS-1000 D bi-wire speaker cables. These replaced JPS Superconductor 2 speaker wire ($2200). I had been using the JPS for over a year and after trying LAT's Mark II IC and being very pleased, I ordered the speaker wire to try. I had both the LAT and JPS on hand to compare with and both my wife and I easily chose the LAT. (Your system may vary.)
I have three LAT pcs, and have tried their SS-1000 D bi-wire speaker cables.

The LAT PCs were better then what I had been using, but have since been cycled down into HT and secondary system duties. If money is short the LAT would be a good choice, however for around 100$ more I found the Coincident CST-PC to be much better.

I had a speaker matching issue with the SS-1000 D bi-wire speaker cables. The SS-1000 D bi-wire speaker cables are very smooth, somewhat laid back, and have a full bodied bottom end. They didn't work well with my Aerial LR3s, which imo need a more lively, linear, and open sounding cable. YMMV. LAT was very good about taking the cables back and refunding my money within their 45 day trial period.
I have two of their powercords, and they sound great on my trans and dac.

I've read in previous posts on audiogon and audioreview that some amp manufacturers swear by LAT AC2 such as Mckomack (spelling).